The level of the oceans has risen

 the oceans has risenRising temperatures on Earth and melting ice resulted in the fact that since 1992, sea level rose by 8 cm, according to NASA. In 2013 the United Nations predicts that by the end of the century, sea levels will rise from 0.3 to 0.9 m. However, this figure is rising faster than 50 years ago, and this phenomenon is likely to accelerate.

The changes are not uniform. In some areas the level of the oceans has increased by more than 25 cm, in others – such as the US west coast – in fact there is a decline level. These findings lead to the analysis based on data obtained from the satellite in 23 years.

Scientists are convinced that the ocean currents and the natural cycle of time compensate for rising water levels in the Pacific Ocean. Thus, in the American west coast in the next 20 years there will be a significant increase in the level of the oceans. Low-lying areas such as Florida are particularly vulnerable.

Oceanographers say that about a third of sea-level rise is due to the heating of water, the second third – because of the melting of the polar ice sheets, another third – because of the melting of mountain glaciers.

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