Scientists have found in the language of the universal code

universalLinguistic games developed by teachers of the University of California overturned the key theory of language development. It turns out that, coming up with names of various objects and concepts, people guided by certain principles, not take the words out of nowhere. Modern linguists study languages ​​in detail, but the way it has evolved, our, remains largely a mystery: How do we decide which one to use for a variety of sounds of words?

Experimental game showed that people inventing words that could use quality, pitch and volume of sounds, for example, to describe the size of the subject and the distance. For years, leading linguists believed that the sounds that we use of words, no eigenvalues. Of course, in all languages, there are words that generate a sound in the mind of the speaker a certain association. For example, the word in English and splash splash in Russian, marking dog barking in different languages: bow-wow and bow-wow.

However, linguists believed, for the vast majority of objects and concepts – such as fish and chair – indications have been given freely, says Science. University students offered to play the game, come up with new names for the concepts of up, down, fast, slow and other abstract values. As a result, all students invented a word for up and down the voice of the speaker’s tonal raise or lower, respectively, in words meaning slow present continuous flow and ductility of sounds, all words meaning quick were heard briefly in a word smooth there was a high degree of harmonization between the sounds of a rough – noisy consonants. Thus, all students invented words tonally expressed meanings of these terms.

According to linguists, can shake the conviction existed before that first people have mastered sign language, and only then switched to sounds. On the contrary, the language of gestures and speech language evolved together, experts say.

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