Mental traps of our mind

Mental traps Mental traps – a long established and the usual ways in which painful and ineffectual moves our thought, burning incredible amounts of our time, sucking the energy and without creating any value either for ourselves or for someone else.

Perseverance: The first of the mental traps. Not to be confused with stubbornness stubbornness. The gist of it is that we continue the work which is doomed to failure or the former gives us pleasure. We do what we have long been irrelevant, and we cannot stop, because we must finish, or Well, do not throw out. Stupid waste of their time and effort.

Amplification: This mental trap in which we find ourselves, when put into the goal of more effort than necessary, as if trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer – perfectionism.

Fixing:When you commit to the goal of our progress is blocked. We cannot begin or continue the begun business, wait until the phone call, resolution, inspiration. Rather than turn to other matters, we remain in limbo until then, until we can again continue to work on the same project.

Reversion: Sometimes it becomes obvious that our plans have failed unequivocally. The game is over, we have lost, the time has gone. The consequences of failure can be frightening, but there’s nothing you can do, but if at this stage we still worry about the same problem, then we are trapped reversion. When we reversion irreversible change the past.

Advance: Advance – this mental trap into which we fall, starting too early. When we are ahead of the event, then very often we recycle and work for nothing when the same result can be achieved more easily

Resisting: Sometimes it happens that we are required to change the course of our actions, even if we are already engaged in business quite useful or enjoyable. The doorbell is heard at the very moment when we got to the most interesting places in the movie that look. Or alarm rings, and we do not want to get up. In all these cases, there comes a time when you have to shift its focus. But if at this point of time and space, we continue to stubbornly cling to the former class, you fall into the trap of disobedience.

Tightening: It often happens that we definitely decided on some business, but it is difficult to start it. We procrastinate, make up nonessential done to postpone the execution of unpleasant duties. Our mind simply refuses to go straight to the point. Tightening it as «procrastination», – one of the biggest problems in business and life.

Separation: The mental trap of division we get when trying to do two things at once. We talk to someone, listening with half an ear, while in the mind trying to solve the financial problem, not giving us peace.

Attention is indivisible by definition. Work means work, communicate, then communicate. When we told we think about work and when at work thinking about communication, all that we do – it’s thinking.

Our personality is absolutely subject to all mental traps, some to a greater extent, some less, as formed by the ego-mind.

And while you will not get rid of the control of the ego-mind, traps will occur again and again.

No need to fear that getting rid of the control of the ego-mind, you will become clear by whom, on the contrary, you will be free, including from any mental debris and traps.

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