The level of the oceans has risen

 the oceans has risenRising temperatures on Earth and melting ice resulted in the fact that since 1992, sea level rose by 8 cm, according to NASA. In 2013 the United Nations predicts that by the end of the century, sea levels will rise from 0.3 to 0.9 m. However, this figure is rising faster than 50 years ago, and this phenomenon is likely to accelerate.

The changes are not uniform. In some areas the level of the oceans has increased by more than 25 cm, in others – such as the US west coast – in fact there is a decline level. These findings lead to the analysis based on data obtained from the satellite in 23 years. Continue reading “The level of the oceans has risen”

The world on the verge of global financial crisis

world financial crisisThe collapse of stock indexes and the decline in the value of commodities to multi-year lows for many was a shock. But sooner or later it had to happen, because the National Bank of developed countries to inject trillions of dollars into the markets after the 2008 crisis, which has not been transformed into investments in the real economy. The question now is whether the US government and China keep the world from a new crisis.

Weeping and gnashing of teeth… Global equity markets continued to decline against the backdrop of the situation in the Chinese market and disappointment in US stocks, – described what was happening in the last days in the global markets. Continue reading “The world on the verge of global financial crisis”

On the ridge Medveditskaya found stone UFO

UFO stoneIn summer, a popular place for all seekers of the unknown – on the ridge Medveditsa come dozens of researchers, but not every year manage to find traces of a UFO or witness anomalies. However, the latest find raises involuntary ufologists question aliens are trying to get in touch with people? Organization Kosmopoisk studying the traces of UFOs, has held the 52nd expedition to Mecca unknown Volgograd region.

We found a significant size stone disc, located on the ridge of the plummet in Medveditskaya says hometown Vadim Chernobrov, head of the organization for the study of anomalous phenomena and UFOs. – It corresponds to the external features of the other disks that are in for decades around the world, for example. China, Romania, on the Taimyr Peninsula. However, these objects have properties disappear … So to reach very few people. In January, we were lucky. During the next expedition this disc was found in the Kemerovo region. Continue reading “On the ridge Medveditskaya found stone UFO”

These rich people spent all for charity, and this is the result

 charityWe can say that today the charity in the trend. I present to you the real story is very wealthy people, who sacrificed his entire fortune.

Sverdlovsk tycoon 80 years, did not buy a villa in the warm countries and the crowd started supermodels. He sold all of its shares, and the proceeds of 3.3 billion built a medical center in Nizhny Tagil. Former co-owner of the largest metallurgical companies charity, money, kindness, stories, facts. In the future billionaire plans to build a hotel, a new home for the clinic staff of 350 apartments, a hostel for students, the transport unit and a heli pad.These rich people spent all for charity, and this is the result of charity, money, kindness, stories, facts.Now here Tetyuhin takes over as CEO in its 82 job arrives on schedule at 9:00 am six days a week! He himself lives in 44 kilometers from Tagil in the city of Verkhnyaya Salda. And local officials called business Tetyukhin altruism. Mayor of Nizhny Tagil even promised to name after him stop public transport near the medical center. Continue reading “These rich people spent all for charity, and this is the result”

The Third Reich found the train was filled with gold

 goldPolish media reported on the incredible discovery of two men found the armored train of the Third Reich, filled with gold. It is believed that the composition of the disappeared in 1945 near the city of Wroclaw. As the BBC reports referring to the Polish journalists, in addition to gold in the train were the jewels and weapons. On the finding of two friends, a Pole and a German, said the law firm, and it has shared information with the press.

Discovered the treasures of the men said they wanted to take away 10% of the value of the found – share, put them under the law. Polish media noted that the legend of the treasure train in the area go for a long time. Continue reading “The Third Reich found the train was filled with gold”

Arctic cradle of humanity?

 Arctic cradleIn Avesta it said that once there was a land where the mountain range stretches from west to east. This country has been a mild climate, abundant food, and locals believed that their homeland is the Big Dipper … There is reason to believe that it was the Arctic, which, according to many researchers, is the cradle of humanity.

The end of the Golden Age

The Golden Age was stopped abrupt climate change. In Avesta mentions that the river rose, and the snow began to sting like a bee white. Continue reading “Arctic cradle of humanity?”

Underground nuclear reactor there?

Earth nuclearResearchers of the Earth are not so many ways to look inside our own planet. Kola ultradeep well was drilled to a depth of a little over 12 kilometers, which is negligible compared to the radius of the Earth, which is about 6000 kilometers. Much more data has been received from seismic surveys. Changes in the speed and direction of the waves arising from earthquakes, have revealed the boundaries of zones with different physical properties. It has been found that in the center of the Earth is a solid core radius of about 1200 kilometers, surrounded by a layer of liquid material, a thickness of about 2300 kilometers. Continue reading “Underground nuclear reactor there?”

Scientists have found in the language of the universal code

universalLinguistic games developed by teachers of the University of California overturned the key theory of language development. It turns out that, coming up with names of various objects and concepts, people guided by certain principles, not take the words out of nowhere. Modern linguists study languages ​​in detail, but the way it has evolved, our, remains largely a mystery: How do we decide which one to use for a variety of sounds of words?

Experimental game showed that people inventing words that could use quality, pitch and volume of sounds, for example, to describe the size of the subject and the distance. For years, leading linguists believed that the sounds that we use of words, no eigenvalues. Continue reading “Scientists have found in the language of the universal code”

In Yellowstone land may burn up to 70 degrees

YellowstonePolice blocked several roads in the area of ​​Upper Terraces of Yellowstone National Park. Officially it announced that it is due to overheating of the earth. The Temperature at dangerous places reaches 70 degrees. Roads are blocked and near the Great Hot Springs due to the fact that the thermal outputs damaged the roadbed.  According to the park geologist Hank Heslera, abnormal heat in the region came to the surface. Two drilled a sampling half-meter hole once filled with boiling water.

Mental traps of our mind

Mental traps Mental traps – a long established and the usual ways in which painful and ineffectual moves our thought, burning incredible amounts of our time, sucking the energy and without creating any value either for ourselves or for someone else.

Perseverance: The first of the mental traps. Not to be confused with stubbornness stubbornness. The gist of it is that we continue the work which is doomed to failure or the former gives us pleasure. We do what we have long been irrelevant, and we cannot stop, because we must finish, or Well, do not throw out. Stupid waste of their time and effort.

Amplification: This mental trap in which we find ourselves, when put into the goal of more effort than necessary, as if trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer – perfectionism. Continue reading “Mental traps of our mind”