What will happen if a comet crash into the Sun

comet crashAstronomers from the UK and the US studied the likely head-on collision of a massive comet with the sun. According to scientists, the comet to reach the lower layers of the atmosphere it should be harder to million tons. When enough amounts and close approach to the Sun, the comet may fall on its surface at a speed of additional than 600 kilometers per second.

This comet nucleus will experience lateral deformation up to an explosion in the solar atmosphere, accompanied by the ultraviolet and X-ray observation are possible by means of modern observatories. The clash will be accompanied, according to the calculations of scientists, release energy equivalent released during coronal eruption, however, will be on a much smaller surface area of ​​the sun.

 In general, the star explosion can cause shock waves in the atmosphere. Previously, scientists have observed close to the Sun spans of comets. So, in 2011, Comet C / 2011 W3 (Lovejoy) flew a distance of 120 thousand kilometers away from the light and got into his crown. Save after the rapprochement with the Sun, comet helped its dimensions (diameter in its core reaches 500 meters). After 2011, scientists have observed the comet C / 2012 S1 (ISON), which in 2014 also came close to the sun.

 According to scientists, head-on collisions of comets and the Sun happened in the past and will happen in the future with a frequency of about once per century.

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