The KGB in search of alien mummy

mummyIn 1961, the central organ of the KGB sent an expedition to Egypt. The expedition was called Project Isis, the purpose of the project was the search for knowledge and technology of ancient Egypt, which in the latter could be used for military applications.

The expedition to the KGB decided after information emerged about the discovery of two local Bedouins mysterious tomb. The find was made in one of the Giza pyramids. Found in the tomb is not in vain called mysterious, because after its discovery, both Bedouin worry tombs were hospitalized, but doctors were unable to diagnose.

┬áIn the course of the information received from the Egyptian intelligence, it became clear that the Bedouins found a visitor of God. After this expedition Project Isis’ expedition becomes a major at the time. Sama expedition was organized by two countries the Soviet Union and Egypt and was held in secret, since feared that the CIA can learn about the discovery.

During the expedition, and excavations at the tomb, KGB officers found plenty of artifacts: 5 boxes of artifacts; 1 partially mummified body; a stone sarcophagus, 8 samples characters. When viewed from the walls of the tomb of us acted incomprehensible repulsive force. Subsequently, we have not been able to find an explanation for this phenomenon.

Excavation report also cryptographers and decipher ancient writings found on the walls of the tomb. Gods of the most interesting discoveries found the mummy belonged to. Its height is 2 meters, which is much higher than the average citizen has grown Ancient Egypt. In the course of molecular analysis was made by biologists age of the mummy, which has around 12,000 years ago, thousands of ice in the Egyptian dynastic period.

In Egyptian mythology, there is a story about the family of the gods who came down from the stars in Egypt. They taught the knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptians. Later, when the work was finished, they left the earth to return to heaven, except Osiris, which was to protect and preserve ancient knowledge.

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