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The first half of 2015 was abnormally warm

Global wormingThe first half of 2015 in Russia, as well as in the Northern Hemisphere, it was the warmest in the history of meteorological observations in the world. The past June in most parts of the country was abnormally warm.

Only on Sakhalin Island, in the north of Primorye and the south of Kamchatka, and in part Kaliningrad, Pskov, Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia the average air temperature was a little lower than normal. In the rest of the country, it has exceeded it. In the Urals, Western Siberia and the Lower Volga – by 4-6 degrees. Read the rest of this entry »

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General Relativity neutron stars and black holes

black holesGravity is the main subject of many of these issues. The determining factor in the cosmos. It keeps the planets in their orbits, binds stars and galaxies, determines the fate of our universe. Founded by Isaac Newton in the 17th century, the theoretical description of gravity is accurate enough to calculate the trajectory of the spacecraft for flights to Mars, Jupiter and beyond.

But after 1905, when Albert Einstein demonstrated in the special theory of relativity that the instant transmission of information is impossible, physicists realized that Newton’s laws no longer be adequate, Read the rest of this entry »

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Moved out of the Antarctic ice sheet

Antarctic ice sheetThe last pieces of the Larsen Ice Sheet in the eastern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, broke apart in 2002, may finally disappear in the next summer season in the Southern Hemisphere, it will put an end to the ten thousand years of the history of the ice massif. The Glacier began to flow faster and it began to appear cracks. These labels tell us that the remains of a glacier disintegrated.

Although such a spectacle, the best places in the front row to observe how the glacier loses stability and breaks, is a very exciting event from a scientific point of view, it was very bad news for the Earth. This array has existed for over ten thousand years, and soon it will not. Read the rest of this entry »

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In Europe it does not fall down 40-degree heat

TempetatureIn France, Spain and Portugal does not recede 40-degree heat. Due to the extreme temperatures in France and deformed rails extend electrical cables, causing many trains stopped running.  According to passengers, the movement of trains originated chaos. They are late or come to other platforms.

 At stations accumulate crowds. Above +40 ° C show the thermometer in Spain. Even at night, as the locals say, is stuffy. Beaches are dotted with people, some have restrictions on the number of visitors. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mystery Mummies Wood Thai people

 MummiesThese mummies kept in the temple Wat Phrapangmuni Temple, not far from Sin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. The bodies of two unidentified creatures in a glass store cancer located in the building of the temple. Ministers insist that it is – the body of fairies, creatures from Buddhist mythology. One myth tells of a magic tree, which brought fruit instead of tiny creatures are female.

Thai Wood People – a small humanoid creature that grows on a certain tree in the forest Himmaphan Thailand. Legend says that they grow from the stem attached to their heads. They have long arms and legs, and live only for seven days. Read the rest of this entry »

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