Mystery Mummies Wood Thai people

 MummiesThese mummies kept in the temple Wat Phrapangmuni Temple, not far from Sin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. The bodies of two unidentified creatures in a glass store cancer located in the building of the temple. Ministers insist that it is – the body of fairies, creatures from Buddhist mythology. One myth tells of a magic tree, which brought fruit instead of tiny creatures are female.

Thai Wood People – a small humanoid creature that grows on a certain tree in the forest Himmaphan Thailand. Legend says that they grow from the stem attached to their heads. They have long arms and legs, and live only for seven days.

When the scientists exposed the temple authorities twins Naree Pon X-ray scan, they found the skeletal system of the person inside. Studies have shown the outer casing they vegetable origin. A careful study of the shape of the head shows the features that resemble the pods and leaves of plants. If it was a forgery, the X-ray scan showed to break the neck and head. The head has eyes, ears and mouth.

When shown image of the experts, they were puzzled. The creatures look like human embryos. Perhaps this is a rare birth defect.

But what is surprising is that there are two bodies that look completely identical. Even twins cannot mutate into strange creatures of the same. Unfortunately, scientists do not want to carry out detailed studies …

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