Mystery cards of two Columbia America

CardsIt is alleged that this map was made in 1763 as a copy of another map, created in 1418 – at a time when a prominent Chinese navigator Zheng He made a voyage around the world with a fleet of 300 timber ships. The ancient Chinese map, once again calls into question the primacy of Columbus in the discovery of America and that Chinese collector Liu Gang bought in 2001 in an antique shop in Shanghai for five hundred dollars.

The map is dated 1763 year, but has the inscription: Card this very painted Mo Yi Tong, a subject of the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Gong Li in 1763 on the original map in 1418! It is 74 years before the arrival of Columbus in the New World, but the map on the Chinese have shown the Americas. And both coasts – and Western and east.Once again surfaced heated debate about who should be considered the discoverer of America.
The version that first got to the New World Chinese, zealously defended the American historian, Captain of the US Navy, retired Mentsies Gavin, author of 1421: the year of America’s development of China. In his opinion, they even made a trip around the world in the years 1421-1423.As proof of the facts leads the historian, the first European explorers of America wrote that the Indians planting rice, bred chickens and Chinese porcelain are.However, on the Chinese map also shows the addition of America Antarctica.

And judging by the precision of the image, we can assume that the ancients knew the length of the equator, it is understood that the Earth is flattened at the poles, etc. In addition, the map shows the island sunk under the sea thousands of years ago, drawn by land bridge between Alaska and Siberia, and the coast of Antarctica free of ice! In short, much of what they could not know either the Sumerians or the Egyptians.Studying Chinese map, the researchers concluded that the center of projection of the source located on the territory of modern Cairo.

Here, an ancient religious center of Heliopolis and Giza complex, the master of which the ancient Egyptians considered the god Osiris. According to the Egyptian historian Manetho, the board is in the middle of Osiris X millennium BC. That is the period of gradual climate change after the Flood. Thus, it appears that the author of the map, the source is the civilization of the ancient gods, had a fantastic knowledge and capabilities. Experts have yet to give the final verdict on the authenticity of the China card.

However, absolutely rule out the possibility that it is not at all any later forgery. It is not ruled out the possibility that the original 1418 really existed. The fact that this card – is not the only example of a card, which should not be, but they are there.There are other preconditions for such conclusions. China is in the XV century had a powerful fleet, which was headed by the famous Chinese explorer Admiral Cheng Ho, is taking a very long expedition.

For example, Zheng He kept a record of the arrival of the Somali coast of Africa in 1418: Finally, in the blue haze of dawn our eyes open land of the barbarians. It was a long journey – a flotilla He swam 10,000 kilometers. If He swam as much from China to the East, to America he could be only a few hundred kilometers. Of course, there are opponents of this view. Zheng He’s fleets would have to cross almost a third of the circumference of the globe. In addition, even across the ocean, which is considered low in name only – gales and storms are occurring more frequently than in other regions. Yes, and the admiral never mentions any expeditions towards America

.In 1405 Zheng He received the command of more than 300 ships and 30,000 sailors, soldiers and scientists. Frigates escorted transport ships, which carried the army, food and horses. The squadron was even tankers with fresh water. For 28 years the fleet of Zheng He visited Indonesia, India, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa reached Zanzibar. Maps drawn up in these expeditions, collected together in a thick manuscript.

They are, according to the head of China’s Institute of Oriental Studies Aleksey Bokschanina, details the route of the ships, which always goes along the coast. Given the distance between the parking lots, given the characteristics of the coast. But neither one of them is not even a hint of a trip to America. Another argument of skeptics: map too close to the date. Such simply could not be in the Middle Ages.

Moreover, it shows the two not only America, but Antarctica, opened 400 years later expeditions led by Zheng He. And even if we assume that the famous admiral managed to get to America, he really could not draw such a map. Indeed, in view of its details, he needed not just to achieve some kind of bank, and carefully examine the entire coast three new continents! The arguments of the skeptics is very convincing.
But the map, then there! .. And if not, Zheng He is the author of the original referenced Mo Yi Tong, who? .. And when the original was compiled? ..

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