In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!

 mummyA unique discovery made by American scientists in the analysis of ancient Egyptian mummies. The discovery was made during routine DNA analysis, which was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in the US.

They examined the mummy of an unknown man, who died about three thousand years ago. His knee was discovered metallic orthopedic pin length of 23 centimeters. It countersigned bone and is held by the organic resin. Scientists have found that during the life of the man was made a major surgical procedure. Pin ancient physicians installed in the same way as it would do their counterparts today.

And the operation was performed so skillfully that left no trace. Pin found almost by accident, enlightened X-ray the mummy. But most of all struck the researchers found the modern design of orthopedic devices. ┬áIt has the same structure as the one we use today – said orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Jackson.

Apparently, ancient Egyptian doctors knew how to use a pin to stabilize the bones and keep them from shifting. According to him, in any other mummies still have not found anything like this.The discovery has generated a lot of controversy, and the scientific community is not yet ready to explain it.

Would have given a lot, just to find out how old the doctors did it – confessed to the head of the research group Wilfred Griggs.

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