Aliens in the ocean

AliensIt was recently caught a strange creature, very similar to the character of sci-fi movie Alien – a strange bubble with huge teeth. There is speculation that it is a fish of the family Atlantic – deep-sea fish. Why did she swam in shallow, clear. Atlantic terrible and unusual in all – in appearance, lifestyle, in its development

Along with a deep-sea angler Atlantic fish and swim at depths of 500 to 2000 meters. Habitats are tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and India,n oceans. This is a small fish with a serpentine body. The length of the females can reach half a meter, and the males are much smaller than females – 7 centimeters.

Their skin has no scales. Males and females are painted in different colors: females – from brown to black, and the males – light brown. When you look at female first catches the eye a very large mouth, lined with sharp teeth of various sizes, the largest of which are fangs. They are so great that they do not give a fish’s mouth shut. In addition, they glow. This unique phenomenon is explained by the presence of cavities in the teeth clusters of luminous matter. Not everyone can boast of such teeth.

From the lower jaw extends long process, sometimes at its tip is observed thickening, which glows in the dark. It serves as excellent bait for future production. On the head, body and fins are located many small glowing sections of glandular tissue. Among them are particularly noticeable postorbital glowing bodies. Iridescent shades of these areas golden, purple or opal colors. During the day these fish are at depths and at night go up closer to the surface, to bite someone. Females – real predator. They are so voracious that can swallow and devour prey large enough.

In females, mouth and stomach can be stretched to incredible size and skull recline up thanks not ossify the first vertebra. The lower jaw using tensile cords are not only strongly goes down, but also pushed forward. Even internal organs heart, aorta, gills move away from the oral cavity and thus are not affected by ingestion of very large prey. This transformer of the underwater world. The males compared with females completely powerless. They cannot eat because they have no teeth and underdeveloped gut. Their life expectancy is only a couple of weeks.

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