Why we love pets?

Pets give birth to only the people themselves – perhaps because the pets require resources for maintenance. But how did this man have a hobby? When the four chimpanzees once caught a young blue duiker African antelope), from the first, it seemed that they decided to keep the animal as a pet. They tinkered with… Read more Why we love pets?

Abrupt climate change

Large-scale genetic analysis of the DNA of extinct animals showed that mammoths and other ice age megafauna representatives disappeared because of abrupt climate change, rather than the appearance of man. A series of abrupt climate changes during the last 60 thousand years was the main reason for the disappearance of mammoths and other ice age… Read more Abrupt climate change

Aliens in the ocean

It was recently caught a strange creature, very similar to the character of sci-fi movie Alien – a strange bubble with huge teeth. There is speculation that it is a fish of the family Atlantic – deep-sea fish. Why did she swam in shallow, clear. Atlantic terrible and unusual in all – in appearance, lifestyle,… Read more Aliens in the ocean

In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!

A unique discovery made by American scientists in the analysis of ancient Egyptian mummies. The discovery was made during routine DNA analysis, which was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in the US. They examined the mummy of an unknown man, who died about three thousand years ago. His knee was discovered metallic orthopedic… Read more In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!