Windows 10 officially released

Windows10 Beta testing Windows 10 came to an end, and now the new Microsoft operating system is available for installation release version for those who did not participate in the test program. Free upgrade to Windows 10 operating from licensed versions of Windows 7 and 8. You can request an upgrade by clicking on the Windows logo in the right side panel.

Microsoft’s strategy in relation to Windows 10 – to translate it the most people for the shortest possible time, all using a single system for all devices Microsoft. For users of Xbox One, one of the most significant features of Windows 10 is the ability to stream console games on PC and tablet with Windows 10. At the same time, Microsoft is thinking, and the opposite – streaming PC-games on the console. Continue reading “Windows 10 officially released”

What will happen if a comet crash into the Sun

comet crashAstronomers from the UK and the US studied the likely head-on collision of a massive comet with the sun. According to scientists, the comet to reach the lower layers of the atmosphere it should be harder to million tons. When enough amounts and close approach to the Sun, the comet may fall on its surface at a speed of additional than 600 kilometers per second.

This comet nucleus will experience lateral deformation up to an explosion in the solar atmosphere, accompanied by the ultraviolet and X-ray observation are possible by means of modern observatories. Continue reading “What will happen if a comet crash into the Sun”

Why we love pets?

pets lovePets give birth to only the people themselves – perhaps because the pets require resources for maintenance. But how did this man have a hobby? When the four chimpanzees once caught a young blue duiker African antelope), from the first, it seemed that they decided to keep the animal as a pet.

They tinkered with the antelope for a while, but in the end it ended sadly for her: a chimpanzee playing too rough with her, and she died. Monkeys, however, continued for another half hour fun with a dead carcass. Science is not known exactly when the person first appeared pets. We know, however, that thousands of years ago our ancestors most likely have kept the wolves. Perhaps originally they caught them more cubs, domesticated, and found that they are useful in hunting. Continue reading “Why we love pets?”

The Tomsk is the Emperor Alexander I

EmperorElder arrived in Tomsk in 1837, according to one version, in fact, it was abdicated in favor of his brother, Emperor Alexander I. Russian President Graphology Society Svetlana Semenova handwriting revealed the identity of the Russian Emperor Alexander I and the holy elder Theodore Tomsk. This she told reporters in Tomsk. In 1837, he arrived in Tomsk Elder, who called himself Theodore Kuzmich.

¬†According to one version, in fact, it was abdicated in favor of his brother, Emperor Alexander I. He allegedly simulated his death in Taganrog and started to wander through Russia to atone for sins. He led a righteous life, for which he began to read. ¬†The last years of his life the old man held in Tomsk, where he died. Continue reading “The Tomsk is the Emperor Alexander I”

Abrupt climate change

Abrupt climate Large-scale genetic analysis of the DNA of extinct animals showed that mammoths and other ice age megafauna representatives disappeared because of abrupt climate change, rather than the appearance of man.

A series of abrupt climate changes during the last 60 thousand years was the main reason for the disappearance of mammoths and other ice age megafauna representatives, as scientists tell deposits of ice in Greenland and the DNA of ancient animals, according to a paper published in science. Continue reading “Abrupt climate change”

Europeans in the Amazon live 8 million people

 Amazon people

Amazon was not at all covered by virgin forest, which is almost untouched by human hands – on the contrary, before the arrival of Europeans in the New World, a large part of the territory occupied by the fields and villages, they lived up to 8 million people. This conclusion was American scientists, authors of the article in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Ecology and Genetics Charles Clement from the National Institute for Research on the Amazon (Brazil) and his colleagues collected data on plants, soils and landscapes of the region, comparing them with the data archaeologists and linguists, create a map of the local languages. It turned out that before the arrival of Europeans, the Indians learned to cultivate at least 83 species of plants, including sweet potatoes, cocoa, tobacco and pineapple. Continue reading “Europeans in the Amazon live 8 million people”

Aliens in the ocean

AliensIt was recently caught a strange creature, very similar to the character of sci-fi movie Alien – a strange bubble with huge teeth. There is speculation that it is a fish of the family Atlantic – deep-sea fish. Why did she swam in shallow, clear. Atlantic terrible and unusual in all – in appearance, lifestyle, in its development

Along with a deep-sea angler Atlantic fish and swim at depths of 500 to 2000 meters. Habitats are tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and India,n oceans. This is a small fish with a serpentine body. The length of the females can reach half a meter, and the males are much smaller than females – 7 centimeters. Continue reading “Aliens in the ocean”

In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!

 mummyA unique discovery made by American scientists in the analysis of ancient Egyptian mummies. The discovery was made during routine DNA analysis, which was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in the US.

They examined the mummy of an unknown man, who died about three thousand years ago. His knee was discovered metallic orthopedic pin length of 23 centimeters. It countersigned bone and is held by the organic resin. Scientists have found that during the life of the man was made a major surgical procedure. Pin ancient physicians installed in the same way as it would do their counterparts today.

And the operation was performed so skillfully that left no trace. Continue reading “In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!”

Mystery cards of two Columbia America

CardsIt is alleged that this map was made in 1763 as a copy of another map, created in 1418 – at a time when a prominent Chinese navigator Zheng He made a voyage around the world with a fleet of 300 timber ships. The ancient Chinese map, once again calls into question the primacy of Columbus in the discovery of America and that Chinese collector Liu Gang bought in 2001 in an antique shop in Shanghai for five hundred dollars.

The map is dated 1763 year, but has the inscription: Card this very painted Mo Yi Tong, a subject of the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Gong Li in 1763 on the original map in 1418! It is 74 years before the arrival of Columbus in the New World, but the map on the Chinese have shown the Americas. And both coasts – and Western and east.Once again surfaced heated debate about who should be considered the discoverer of America. Continue reading “Mystery cards of two Columbia America”

The KGB in search of alien mummy

mummyIn 1961, the central organ of the KGB sent an expedition to Egypt. The expedition was called Project Isis, the purpose of the project was the search for knowledge and technology of ancient Egypt, which in the latter could be used for military applications.

The expedition to the KGB decided after information emerged about the discovery of two local Bedouins mysterious tomb. The find was made in one of the Giza pyramids. Found in the tomb is not in vain called mysterious, because after its discovery, both Bedouin worry tombs were hospitalized, but doctors were unable to diagnose. Continue reading “The KGB in search of alien mummy”