We live in holographic world created aliens

alienWho says that NASA is not open-minded and responsive to modern realities and ideas of scientists, who, of course, wrong. Many experts NASA revealed quite a lot of flexibility, and even allow for the possibility that humanity lives in a hologram created by members of an alien civilization.How can I apply to the idea that all ever created by mankind is the product of a kind of advanced computer program?

What is our relationship, feelings, memories – everything is generated by supercomputers?For the first time this intriguing theory was proposed by a professor of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom, who in 2005 was appointed director of the Oxford Institute created in the future of humanity.

This English Research Institute operates as part of the Faculty of Philosophy and the School of the XXI century, James Martin. The objective of the Institute is to study these the most important and priority areas for mankind, as the impact of technology and the possibility of global catastrophe in the future. In their paper, the researchers used an interdisciplinary approach. The Institute also strongly promotes public participation in government, enterprises, universities and other organizations, the development of the bilateral dialogue between them. Theory Nick Bostrom, incidentally, shared by several reputable scientists.

For example, the director of the Center of evolutionary computing and computer-aided design in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Rich Terrail suggested that our creator – Space programmer.This means that we live in a holographic world and everything around us, including ourselves, not really. In a recent interview, Weiss NASA scientist Rich Terrail discussed prospects based on the rapidly accelerating ability of computers to simulate the massive and complex worlds and systems. Today’s fastest supercomputers, NASA works twice as fast as the human brain – says Rich.

If you make a simple calculation of Moore’s law which states that the computing power every two years, increasing by half, you will see that these computers over the next decade, it will be possible to calculate this month all human life long in 80 years, including – his every thought, born in any segment of existence. Many fans of this theory inspire the thought that in this case did not have to mankind through all the stages of evolutionary development, from prehistoric mucus.One explanation is that we live under the artificial models and see what we need to see in the most suitable for this moment.

The idea that our universe is a fiction generated computer code solves a number of inconsistencies and mysteries of the cosmos, including the search for extraterrestrial life and the mystery of dark matter.But many researchers believe the erroneous theory of matrices. Professor Peter Milliken, who teaches philosophy and computer science at the University of Oxford, points out that this theory is based on the assumption that being out of the Matrix super intelligence thinks about as well as humans.

 If we assume that the world is modeled extraterrestrial intelligence, it is unclear why it is limited by the same ideas and techniques that are specific to humans.A group of supporters of the theory of matrices based on the fact that the structure of the real world we see around us, in many ways resembles the shape of a virtual grid that by itself it could not find a form – therefore, it is modeled computer intelligence.

Opponents believe that the structure of the virtual grid cannot be evidence of a holographic reality, despite the fact that in real life many really based on a certain matrix.Professor Millikan, however, believes that the idea of ​​the Matrix itself is quite intriguing and interesting, although it belongs to the category of crazy ideas .

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