Tone languages are forced to work head

 languagesThe researchers found: the study of the Chinese language makes the work included in both hemispheres of the brain. Traditionally, the speech recognition is responsible for the left hemisphere of the brain. But the new study, researchers at Peking University and their colleagues from Hong Kong have found that this is not true for all languages.

For example, in recognition of English speech the brain actually uses only the left hemisphere, the recognition of China’s activity and demands from the right. The fact that classical Chinese is a so-called tone language.

Pitch them widely used to distinguish the meaning of words.In their experiments, researchers using magnetic resonance imaging observed brain activity of volunteers listen to a speech in Chinese or English which in each case where their relatives. As it turned out, the English-speaking participants in the study were activated three specific areas of the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for speech recognition – inferior frontal gyrus, superior temporal gyrus, anterior and posterior part of the middle temporal sulcus.

The same areas were activated and the participants speaking in Chinese. However, besides this, they also recorded activity in the superior temporal gyrus, right hemisphere. This area was previously associated with the perception of academics and music, in particular the pitch.The pitch is crucial for the perception of music, but is no less important for the understanding of the meaning in tone languages, – commented on the opening of one of his co-authors, scientists at the University of Hong Kong Peng Gang .- Based on our results, we can assume that the right hemisphere is involved in speech recognition and all other tonal languages ​​.

By the tone, in addition to China, include, for example, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai and many other languages, especially Asian.These studies are important to the overall understanding of the interaction between the hemispheres of the brain and in the processing of speech. On a practical level, they can be useful neurosurgeons during brain surgery.

But in addition, they partly explain why Chinese puzzle with great difficulty given to people who are accustomed to speak the language in which the pitch has nothing to do with meaning – for example, in Russian or English. For this reason, say, Mark Zuckerberg or Prince William, to learn Chinese Mandarin, falls during his lessons literally head to work harder – cycling is not one but both hemispheres.

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