Can people live without food and water?

YogiScientists examined several cases of people who claim that they do not eat or drink for many years, remain quite healthy. Nevertheless, scientific researches, checking these statements remain controversial. It is believed that a person can only survive a few days without water and not more than 30-40 days without food.

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a belief that those who leave the company with a view to improving and meditation in the mountains, can live without food for much longer. Their bodies, as they say, are in a different state.

And because the need for food can prevent them to concentrate on long-term meditation, they are a kind of supernatural way can overcome this need.In 2005 a young Nepalese Buddhist, Ram Bahadur Bomjan reportedly meditated for eight months without food and water. Discovery Channel filmed him four days to confirm that during this period he did not take any food, as shown in their film Boy, endowed with divine power.96 hours of shooting defied modern science as Ram continued meditating and stayed alive, – he said in the film. If it was a hoax, it would be incredibly sophisticated and skillful hoax – say the filmmakers.

Some people commenting Discovery Channel, said that this kind of fasting is usually hidden from the public, as part of the esoteric spiritual practices.Hira Ratan Manek from India – a retired mechanical engineer who started to revive the ancient tradition of pranoedeniya in the 90s of the last century. He states that since 1995 he has been living with the help of solar energy, which is absorbed by looking at the rising and setting sun. He sometimes uses only tea, coffee and buttermilk milk processing byproduct obtained during the production of oil, prim, perevodchika. Rumors that Maneka was studying the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and confirmed his amazing ability, raised a number of controversial disputes.

Manek said Dr. Mercola, who wrote about his method pranoedeniya: The media sometimes report something rash, I never said anything about NASA. Those who believe they believe, and those who do not believe – you will not be persuaded, no matter how much try. Indian neurologist, Dr. Sudhir Shah expressed his support for Mannequin personally vouch for the authenticity of his ongoing hunger strike.In 2011 he released the documentary absorb the sun, directed by Peter Sorchera where Maneka called fraud. There is a photograph of mannequin with a normal meal. However, Manek says that he just posed for a shoot. The film also shows a letter allegedly written by a mannequin, where he apologized for the fact that he was lying, that does not eat. However, more than anywhere else his confession did not appear.

Optic Ralph Chow warned of the danger pranoedeniya article on NASA’s website: The only time when you can safely look at the sun without special protection for the eyes – it is during a total solar eclipse, when the moon completely covers the disk of the sun … Even if 99 percent of the sun’s surface is obscured during the partial phases of a solar eclipse, the remaining part of the sun is still quite intense and can cause burns of the retina, although the level of illumination is more like twilight. Dr. Shah in the same manner described Prahlad Jani, a yogi who by their example shows the possibility of exemption from the normal requirements of the human body.

From April 22 to May 6, 2010 Shah together with a team of researchers constantly watched Gianni, who all this time have not eaten or drunk. The study was shown in the Indian channel. Sanal Edmaruku, author and president of the Indian Rationalist Association, condemned the study, calling it inferior. In an article for The Guardian, he described some of the shortcomings found them: The official video shows that Jani sometimes out of sight of cameras, he was allowed to communicate with followers and leave the testing room for sunbathing. Edamaruku also said that the procedure gargling and sunbathing were not thoroughly under control, and so on.

Not only Eastern cultivators stated about the possibility of the existence without food. Dr. Michael Werner practiced pranoedenie and claimed that he lived for several years without food. The official introduction to his book Life of light: is it possible to live without food? Report of the scientist about his experience, says: Michael Werner is a new challenge to skeptics. Family-Oriented 50 years, has a degree in chemistry and director of the research institute in Switzerland. In this study, he describes how there ceased in 2001, and since then perfectly without food. In fact, it is more and feels as good as never before! In contrast, people who previously reached similar, it is usually the man who lives a full and active life.

Reflects on this hormone, melatonin – in the human body it regulates sleep cycles and metabolism. Perhaps it is related to the ability to survive without food. Investigating a variety of questions about the pineal gland, located at the back of the human brain, melatonin and so on. Article on called explains the unexplainable and notes that it is melatonin regulates adenosine triphosphate. The basic nucleotide allows you to store and release energy in the cells. Cites several scientific studies in recent years that prove that melatonin can normalize the reproduction.

The pineal gland, in turn, can produce melatonin. The pineal gland in the Eastern spiritual traditions is considered location of the human consciousness and thus the physiological connection with the soul.Although we can not say that the increased production of melatonin will allow people to go without food or water for many years, it is interesting to speculate that it may have some effect in this regard.

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