111 year Briton said the key to longevity

 long lifeThe oldest inhabitant of Britain Nazar Singh, recently celebrated the 111th birthday, said that the secret of his longevity – a whiskey and healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

The pensioner, who came to England from India in 1965, in honor of the holiday drank a mug of beer and a glass of whiskey, reports Mirror.Son champion Cheyne Singh Gill said his father regularly drink milk and almond oil, eating fruit and sleeping nine hours. It is interesting that in the 111 years of life, the Briton had never made himself operations. Moreover, Nazar Singh managed to retain excellent hearing and a few of their own teeth.

The oldest Briton stopped working in the garden, only four years ago. His 111th birthday pensioner met in India, where they still live his relatives. In Singh 9 children, 34 grandchildren and 64 great-grandchildren.Nazar Singh, born June 8, 1904 in a small Indian village. Already in the 10 years he worked in the fields with his family, helping it to grow corn, wheat, cotton and sugar cane.

In 1932, a man married a girl Narayan Kaur of nearby village. The wife gave birth to 9 children Nazar. In 1965, a citizen of India, his family moved to Britain, where he worked for almost 25 years at the foundry. Unfortunately, the wife of the champion died 12 years ago on the 90-year life.Earlier it was reported that the most mature twin sister died in Britain with a difference per month.

 The most elderly sisters in the world can recognize British women Frida Doris Latham, Gladys Camp and Phyllis Freund. Their combined age is 391 years.

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