Can people live without food and water?

YogiScientists examined several cases of people who claim that they do not eat or drink for many years, remain quite healthy. Nevertheless, scientific researches, checking these statements remain controversial. It is believed that a person can only survive a few days without water and not more than 30-40 days without food.

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a belief that those who leave the company with a view to improving and meditation in the mountains, can live without food for much longer. Their bodies, as they say, are in a different state.

And because the need for food can prevent them to concentrate on long-term meditation, they are a kind of supernatural way can overcome this need.In 2005 a young Nepalese Buddhist, Ram Bahadur Bomjan reportedly meditated for eight months without food and water. Continue reading “Can people live without food and water?”

We live in holographic world created aliens

alienWho says that NASA is not open-minded and responsive to modern realities and ideas of scientists, who, of course, wrong. Many experts NASA revealed quite a lot of flexibility, and even allow for the possibility that humanity lives in a hologram created by members of an alien civilization.How can I apply to the idea that all ever created by mankind is the product of a kind of advanced computer program?

What is our relationship, feelings, memories – everything is generated by supercomputers?For the first time this intriguing theory was proposed by a professor of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom, who in 2005 was appointed director of the Oxford Institute created in the future of humanity. Continue reading “We live in holographic world created aliens”

Tone languages are forced to work head

 languagesThe researchers found: the study of the Chinese language makes the work included in both hemispheres of the brain. Traditionally, the speech recognition is responsible for the left hemisphere of the brain. But the new study, researchers at Peking University and their colleagues from Hong Kong have found that this is not true for all languages.

For example, in recognition of English speech the brain actually uses only the left hemisphere, the recognition of China’s activity and demands from the right. The fact that classical Chinese is a so-called tone language. Continue reading “Tone languages are forced to work head”

Superman vision Ramesh Raskar

SupermanAll childhood Ramesh Raskar regretted that he did not have eyes in the back of his head. I suspect that the world does not exist if I do not look at him, so I kept turning around to see what was behind me. Although over the years this habit swirl disappeared Raskar not lost the desire to acquire a broader vision angle.

Today, as the head of the research group Camera Culture and associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media Lab, Raskar embodies his childhood dream into a reality, along with many others. Among his inventions – who works at the speed of light, and improvised tools for medical imaging. Continue reading “Superman vision Ramesh Raskar”

The ancient ships found In Tallinn

shipsRemains of ancient ships found during construction works in Tallinn at the site of the former amusement park, opposite the sea.

Construction company began excavating the site to build a new residential complex, but in the course of excavation works was founded the remains of ancient ships, which, presumably, 400-700 years. Currently, construction works are suspended – said in a statement. Continue reading “The ancient ships found In Tallinn”

111 year Briton said the key to longevity

 long lifeThe oldest inhabitant of Britain Nazar Singh, recently celebrated the 111th birthday, said that the secret of his longevity – a whiskey and healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

The pensioner, who came to England from India in 1965, in honor of the holiday drank a mug of beer and a glass of whiskey, reports Mirror.Son champion Cheyne Singh Gill said his father regularly drink milk and almond oil, eating fruit and sleeping nine hours. It is interesting that in the 111 years of life, the Briton had never made himself operations. Moreover, Nazar Singh managed to retain excellent hearing and a few of their own teeth. Continue reading “111 year Briton said the key to longevity”

The Secret Of Humanity

History of HumanityAccording to ancient historians, the Romans Etruscans gave musical instruments rostrum and anchor, theater, mining, ceramics and metal, reclamation, a town in Italy, the art of divination and so on. The first kings of Rome were Etruscans:

Etruscan pugilists participated in the Roman celebrations. Etruscan shield, spear and armor have also been taken up by the Romans. In XIII millennium BC. e., said historian R. Root began the  last retreat of glaciers (end of the last ice age), which was accompanied, according to the Vedas, the rapid global warming. Continue reading “The Secret Of Humanity”

The myths of Australian aborigines

aboriginesA long time ago, in the distant past dreams, big red egg flew out of heaven. It wanted to calm down, but it did not work, and from the ground bounce the egg split. From it emerged white-skinned heroes and their children. The heroes soon died, whether from old age, or because they could not breathe the local air.

But the children were young, they were able to adapt well to the new environment and therefore survived. To perpetuate the memory of their parents, the children of heroes began carving and paint on the walls of caves of their image. The remains of a big red eggs were destroyed, and eventually rusted so that mingled with the earth, which is in central Australia because of this still red. Continue reading “The myths of Australian aborigines”

The exact location of Atlantis

Atlantis locationAtlantis has not disappeared, it is lies in the depths of the sea. On Atlantis, a lot has been said, written thousands of research papers. Historians, archaeologists seekers invited fifty versions of possible locations around the world but the exact location is not named.

Why the confusion? Beginning to understand, discover a pattern that all proposals are initially binding on any one similarity, the discovery of antiquity, a single description under which (who) then adjust the materials. As a result, nothing happened. Continue reading “The exact location of Atlantis”

The Pope soon announce contact with aliens

PopeA scientist from Harvard says that the Catholic Church is actively preparing for the contact with the aliens. And supposedly soon Pope Francis will disclose information about contact with aliens. This will take place June 15, 2015.

But is this really so? At least Daniel Sheehan (Sheehan), a graduate of Harvard and the American public servant, scientist and expert on American law and international affairs, said that we may soon hear of the existence of extraterrestrials. Continue reading “The Pope soon announce contact with aliens”