The mysterious of golden cargo Tubantiya

05 May

TubantiaIn the night from 6 to 7 March 1916 Twin-Tube Dutch steamer Tubantiya left Amsterdam and headed for Buenos Aires. In Europe, the First World War was raging, but the passengers’ Tubantii felt comfortable enough under the sea breeze fluttering the flag of neutral Holland. Nobody knew that the ship hidden secret cargo of gold … By one o’clock under the sighs of steam engines all boat except standing on duty sailors plunged into a deep sleep.

There were no signs of approaching danger. The trouble is moving at this time under water transverse course only once on the surface of the black melknuv periscope tube. At two o’clock the night watchman, lazy to look around the horizon immediately rubbed his eyes and all slumped. Intercept steamer, breaking all notions of neutrality, leaving a distinctive greenish track rapidly moving long, black, predatory torpedo body.

Watchman did not even have time to say mama as a second there was a powerful explosion. It is not surprising, but, fortunately, none of the passengers and crew was injured. However, the ship was quite serious damage, and the continuation of the flight is not out of the question. Within two hours, until the unfortunate steamer did not go to the bottom, 280 passengers and 80 members of the crew quietly and without panic and undue fuss, cursing just lazy warriors, took their seats on the lifeboats, after downloading to a supply of water, food and all the valuables.

About salvage speech was not, because, firstly, he was insured, and secondly, does not represent anything interesting: some textiles, tableware, and three hundred rounds of excellent, but too heavy Dutch cheese. Cheese lovers among the passengers was not, and so he lay in his place, in the fourth hold. The distance to the mainland is about 60 kilometers away, and the weather made it possible for a boat ride on the oars. So in the morning, sea travelers in full landed on the hospitable shores of the Netherlands, where only hours ago, so fearlessly pushed off.

On the same day, March 7 throughout the European press was a terrible noise. Newspapers Entente unanimously accused Germany of violating the neutrality and aggravated assault on a peace ship. The German newspaper shyly kept silent for a while, and then declared that Germany has got nothing to do with it, and a torpedo at all English. Insurance companies have started the investigation. In one of the boats to evacuate hung on the victim aboard the ship were found fragments of the torpedo exploded. They helped clarify that weapons clearly German manufacturing.

But the Germans continued to maintain that they still did not attack the ship, and, most likely, he stumbled upon the lost with some submarine torpedo. This version has destroyed the sailor, who was standing in the night to watch and clearly seen the next attack of the torpedo. Neither more nor less than 6 years in 1922 over a squabble, Germany resigned and paid insurance companies compensate for the lost ship and its cargo of approximately 800,000 feet of sterling. Just since insurers having gotten their money, and the fun began.

Cargo Tubantii as we have said, and in 1916 was not a special value, and 6 years in sea water it is clearly not benefited. However, a month after the ship has actually become anyone’s, at the place of death of the ship appeared perfectly Equipped search and rescue mission, consisting of three Frenchmen and one Englishman. The French were brothers, they were called Henri Francois and Adolf Englishman bore the name Zippe, and their small but fleet craft called Tempet. From May to November 1922 expedition members bustled around lying on the 35 meter depth housing Tubantii until the autumn storms have not caused them to collapse underwater works.

But in April next year the expedition returned in the same composition and resumed its mysterious manipulation. Just a week later, searchers were rivals. Another small boat called Semper Paratus anchored almost close to Tempetu, and in this area of the sea was just crowded with divers, striving not clear why a sunken steamer 7 years ago. Two adventurers, some Prince Charles and Lt. James Lundy, taken in the history of the most brash rescue effort to recover the sunken ship. Their ship anchored near the Tempeta, and the team started the cleanup operation from the outside of the whole region. Between buoys set by the French were driven back and forth in speedboats.

Dragging the cat, they caught on lines that attach the buoys, and dragged the last of their seats. At this time in the bottom of the divers worked with a French ship, and their life was in danger several times. To top it all the aliens sent divers into the water right in your own alarm ends, lowered to Tempeta. Those directly rushed to the hold so alluring No 4. That the French could no longer tolerate, Tempet weighed anchor, and its owners have filed a complaint with the Admiralty Court. The court sided with the French, and Semper Paratus disappeared, never to have to come back.

Unfortunately, Zippe and his company has spent all their capital, which stood to be precise, 40 thousand. Ft. Art. They also had to get out empty-handed. Undisturbed by anyone Tubantiya still a long eight years, quietly rusting at the bottom, and three hundred Dutch cheeses in the hold it every year, I think, more falls in price. So what caused such an unhealthy fuss? According to the cargo manifest on board Tubantii there was nothing of value, and all the personal luxury items passengers take with them.

Perhaps the divers tried to prepare the ship to rise? No, it works, is reduced to the actual opening of the bulkhead, were carried out only in the area of the fourth hold, where it will be remembered, kept three hundred laps of the Dutch cheese. But what should be a lover of 7 years has lain on the seabed cheese to spend all his money on his quest? By the way, this is what happened with the enterprising host Tempeta.

 After two years of hard work the loan has been settled, and catchers deepwater cheese curtailed their activities and left the remains of the family have already become Tubantii. Undisturbed by anyone Tubantiya still a long eight years, quietly rusting at the bottom, and three hundred Dutch cheeses in the hold it every year, I think, more falls in price. But in 1931, something strange happened again. To place the unfortunate death of the ship went back the next expedition.

This time it was the British, their ship was called Rikleymer. Finding already thoroughly rusted body Tubantii British divers immediately showed his love for the Dutch cheese, and busily began hacking towards the mysterious fourth hold. But this team has worked long – just one season. After a few months, all the work was over, and the board Rikleymera openly took on the radio message: There is no gold on Tubantii not found. This information is clearly intended for an unknown sponsor of the expedition, but became known to many. Rumors spread. What kind of gold is it? On the boat was not originally present no gold, and even if there were, it would have taken more time to evacuate the sinking ship, the time it was enough. Gradually, the mystery began to clear.

Really was carrying gold, but neither the team nor the passengers, not even the captain himself about this precious cargo had no idea. Precious bullion went smuggling, and were cleverly hidden in the Dutch cheese. Three hundred rounds of cheese – three hundred pieces of gold worth a total of about two million pounds. The sum for those times quite serious. Apparently he knew about smuggling a very narrow circle of people, which explains the small number of expeditions. Of all of these events follows a lot of questions. Lucky you enterprising Frenchmen, and they turned to work after found and raised from the bottom three hundred laps priceless cheese? Or treasure hunters actually ran out of money, and they were forced to leave with nothing.

Pessimists argued logically Tubantiya sank almost two hours, the entire crew and passengers managed to escape on boats – why they could not at the same time to load and gold? Optimists argue: but then perishing ship left a total of 360 people, so that the loading of gold could not go unnoticed, and, in the meantime, none of the witnesses and participants in the tragedy of a single word of it did not mention. It is believed by some experts, gold and now rests among the wreckage of the ship accident. The team and the more passengers are simply not aware of his presence on the board.Another question is who owned the gold? No one confessed and laid claim to the treasure.

On this issue there is one assumption. The fact is that for an individual transport such quantity of the precious metal is too serious and risky adventure, besides, she was too well organized. Most likely, the gold belonged to the state. And what the government during the war, could carry contraband value in South America? Of all the assumptions it follows that it can only be Germany. So what happened on the night of 6 to 7 March 1916? The Dutch ship smuggling lucky German gold in Buenos Aires. Most likely, for the services of influential friends who were trying to keep the United States from entering the war against Germany. The operation was so well prepared that simply could not fail. But it intervened in the case.

The Germans were the least relied on the fact that their own private submarine violated the neutrality and go to the bottom of the Dutch ship, along with millions of German. At the same time, Germany was forced to pay for the ship as compensation for approximately half of the amount lost. I wonder what the fate of the German submarine captain, so deftly put his country in such an awkward position? Facts, assumptions and conclusions of previous stories were nothing, no confirmed nor refuted. But in another case, the death of the ship transporting gold, everything was clear.

No one doubted the existence of this gold was also known to what country it belonged. Forty-three tons of gold, costing the then price of 5 million. Ft. Art., disappeared in the depths of the sea with the British auxiliary cruiser Laurentik. It was some kind of record. Never before in the history of no vessel went to the bottom, have it so much gold.

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