The laser beam into a spiral creating a quantum swirl

spiral creating a quantum swirlPhysicists from the Australian National University have developed a technology twist the laser beam into a spiral and used the beam to create a whirlpool hybrid light-matter particles called polaritons. Polaritons – it kvazchiastitsy having both properties of light and matter. For a long time, scientists were only able to create these quasi-particles, but to control and manipulate them failed by any methods available. But such control behavior of polarities is a very promising area, with the help of the quasiparticles can create a completely new technology, electronics is usually associated with laser or fiber optic technology. Polarities are formed on the surface of semiconductor materials, when the laser light begins to specifically interact with free electrons and electron vacancies in the crystal lattice, so-called electron holes, which are carriers of positive electric charge. Emerging with the interaction forces are so great that the majority of the properties of the formation of polaritons can not be distinguished from the same formations of ordinary matter.

Scientists have created a curved beam, having the laser light through a hole mask face, which had a spiral sliced, like cutting in the barrel of a gun. The height of this step and slicing were calculated so that due to the influence of certain optical phenomena, the beam at the exit of the holes was also twisted spirally. This beam was directed to mikrovpadiny sandwiched between two reflectors on the surface of a semiconductor material, gallium arsenide deposited on an aluminum substrate. Previously we receive vortex formation of polaritons appear randomly. The individual particles are constantly trying to move to create a whirlpool in opposite directions – says Dr. Robert Dole (Dr. Robert Dall), who conducted the experimental part of the project – However, thanks to the spiral mask, structuring the laser light in a certain way, we have managed to create a system where all the particles are one preferred direction. And these particles from single, stable vortex direction and speed with which we can adjust according to our will.

Created by scientists whirlpools polaritons is one of the patterns of behavior of quantum liquid in which all particles are combined into so-called Bose-Einstein condensate. These vortices are nothing but windows is not available to us in the quantum world. They can be used to create highly sensitive sensors of magnetic fields, elements of superconducting quantum interference devices SQUIDS, Superconducting QUantum Interference Devices and much, much more, – says Dr. Elena Ostrovskaya, who led the research group, – In addition, these effects can be used to transmit quantum information in future systems of quantum computing and quantum communication. Polymerization, an area in which we study the properties and uses of polaritons, is one of the most rapidly developing areas Science today – says Dr. Ostrovsky – Understanding all the prospects that promises humanity the use of polarities, we are going to organize a network of laboratories working with a lot of them in research groups, research which surely will bring enough tangible results.

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