Scientists understand the causes of strong magnetic storms

magnetic stormsAmerican scientists have discovered a previously unknown 2-year cycle of solar activity along with 11. It is connected with the release of powerful magnetic fields from the depths to the surface of the star. When applying two cycles at every other having the most dangerous for the Earth solar perturbations.

2-year cyclic phenomena are caused by the release of ring-shaped zones of magnetic fields on the Sun’s surface through tackling – thin boundary between convection and radiation area. On the Sun has a strip with slow waves, able to move and deform. Because of their magnetic fields pass from one zone to another. Sometimes they are pulled to the surface by tackling. As a result, there are areas on the Sun turbulence generating solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

Scientists have found that there are areas of intense action independently on the northern and southern hemisphere of the Sun, with actively growing for 11 months and in the following 11 months of declines. Most of this phenomenon resembles regions of the Earth where 1 replaces another season the rainy season and dry season.

Bursts of magnetic fuel from the lowest point of the Sun lead to the catastrophic destabilization of the crown – the outer layer of the atmosphere lights. These emissions are responsible for 95% of powerful storms and coronal mass ejections Massy. Otkrytie American scientists helped to give details the market back in the 1940s, observing astronomer Mstislav Gnevyshev two peaks of solar activity during the eleven-year cycle. The second peak is likely to cause it seasonal perturbations in the hemisphere stars.

The researchers hope that their discovery will improve the quality of forecasts of geomagnetic storms on Earth, which lead to violations of communications, navigation systems and still space ship accidents in power systems. According to scientists, to provide such forecasts could constellation of satellites in orbit near the sun – similar to the network of meteorological satellites, which since 1960 has helped to create weather forecasts more perfect.

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