Our souls are in our eyes

our eyesAccording to a new study by psychologists at Yale University, most people intuitively feel that there I, known as soul or ego, is situated within their eyes. In three experiments, the experts asked preschool children and adults about the exact location of the self in the body. Participants were shown pictures of cartoon characters in each picture present a small object fly or snowflake, located at the same distance near a specific part of the body face, trunk or legs. Then the participants were asked which of the photos were the closest object It is to the body. The hypothesis states that the answer to this question lies the answer for the intuitive arrangement of the soul. 

As previously reported in the journal Cognition, the vast majority of 4-year-olds and adults responded that the subject is the closest to the character when he was near his eye. This was true even when the cartoon character was an alien with green skin, whose eyes were located on the chest, not the head. This suggests that it is the eye, not the brain most closely associated with the soul, according to the majority of people. According to a leading specialist research Star-mans Christina, laboratory experts of the mind and of Yale University, she and her co-author Paul Bloom designed the experiment after discussing the fact that on an intuitive level, it seems that consciousness is located near the eye and that the objects appear closer when they are exactly at eye level.

We decided to test this hypothesis is the most ubiquitous – she says. It turned out that all is well, even among young children. The indirect focus of our method and the fact that this assumption is common to both adults and young children, suggest that our results do not reflect the cultural understanding and are rooted in a more intuitive sensible – Christine continues. However, many experts do not agree with the results of the study. Neurologist Robert Barton, author of numerous books and articles on the topic of body and mind, considers that the findings do not rule out the likelihood that perception of themselves at eye level were inculcated culturally it. Barton said that in fact, the 4-year-olds children do not give similar answers with adults in an experiment with alien cartoon.

Most of the children said that the closest fly around the eyes is exactly the character located on his head, a few of them said the same thing when he saw eye to breast cartoon character. At the time, as a single adult fact locations eye on his chest was confused and they chose this image, referring to the location of the nearest object. This suggests that as they grow older, the human understanding of the personality of other people that something is happening, – concluded Barton. In other words, we learn to identify the person by means of his eyes, it does not come to us from birth. Perhaps, for example, the eyes become more important as the development of awareness of social cues that people convey with your eyes. Or maybe all of the fact that the adult understands that maintaining eye contact is a sign of good taste.

Ge org North off Ge org North off, psychiatrist at the University of Ottawa, agrees that the interpretation of the authors of their experimental results is far-fetched. He says that a large amount of evidence suggests that many people identify my soul with the body, not with the eyes. In humans, there is always a tendency to materialize something in your body, whether the mind or soul. That’s the way the work of our brain, although the mechanism is still unclear. It should also be noted that part of the brain where there is self-consciousness, is believed to – a centro medial per frontal cortex, located behind the eyes. It is possible, says Barton, that we feel like our I is located in the area of the eye, because our self-identity is produced by neurons, which are located in this area.

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