Most of the men of descended from three ancient births

ancient births historyThe descendants of the three fathers make up almost two-thirds of the population of Europe and the Middle East, from Scandinavia to Palestine, from Spain to Turkey. An international team of researchers conducted a study among the male population, representing 17 populations of Europe and the Middle East.

In the researchers’ attention were: Sami, Basques, Spaniards, Tuscans, the Bavarians, the Danes, the British, Hungarian, Irish, Norwegians, Greeks, Serbs, Palestinians, Turks, inhabitants of the Orkney Islands, the population of the former kingdom of Frisia (the area of northern Germany and the Netherlands) and residents US state of Utah with ancestors in Europe. Every nation represented by 20 men in total was examined DNA 338 people. This random sample allowed the scientists to conclude that the majority of European men is descended from three families who lived in the Bronze Age: 64% of the study proved to be the descendants of all three men.

Population growth has decreased in the Bronze Age, which is characterized by the spread of horse riding, the emergence of new types of weapons and significant changes in burial rites, – said one of the authors of the study, Mark Jobling from the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester. – This culture has contributed to the emergence of dominant males, who are responsible for a set of Y-chromosomes of many modern men. ┬áThe scientists were also able to find out when there was a sharp increase in population: it happened around 4000-2000 years ago.

In the future, the researchers plan to better define this period, examining the remains of the burial of the time. Given the complexity of the culture of the Bronze Age, it is difficult to link a specific event with population growth – said Chiara Batini colleague Jobling. – However, we hope that the Y-chromosome DNA from skeletal remains help us understand what happened and when. ┬áThe study is published in the journal Nature Communications, short of it tells The Telegraph. Earlier, a similar study was carried out Genetics in Asia.

Having studied the Y-chromosomes of 127 men of Asia – from Turkey to Western Evenkia, from Kazakhstan in Vietnam, they came to the conclusion that the 800 million inhabitants of the earth are descended from the 11 fathers. Also, it was found that one of the ancestors of Asians is a founder and the first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan.

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