Moscow is located above the underground sea

underground seaMuscovites face a much greater danger than the global monetary crisis and even World War III. Few populace know about the so-called Moscow underground sea. Its existence has opened Academician Gubkin, which shaped a geological reconnaissance to detect oil directly under Moscow and its suburbs. Instead of oil Academician Gubkin discovered a huge water tank, assuming that this part of the sea, which at one time covered Central Russian plain. For some reason, this part of the sea has filled a huge void for the territory on which the modern city of Moscow. According to the geological survey found that the main area of the underground sea is mainly located within the Moscow Ring Road MKAD, few go beyond its borders more or less considerable distance from 5 to 30 km.

The deepness of underground sea has not yet been set, we only know that the upper part consists of fresh water and only to a depth of about 1,300 meters below the outside Sea begins this lay of sea water saturated with salts. Underground crypt seas can be called spherical, convex to the surface, so the thickness at different locations of land cover, separating Moscow from the surface of the underground sea is different close to the outskirts of Moscow, this thickness reaches 900-1000 meters, shot to the center it is only 500 meters and in some places the central part of Moscow – only 300-400 meters. Imagine that the house in which people live, from the underground sea abyss separates the layer of soil thickness of only 500-700 meters! All these facts are widely known, described in peer-reviewed technical and scientific and popular literature.

What are the factors, this is a catastrophic danger?

1. The 1st factor is that the already very thin layer of the geological surface separating Moscow and Muscovites from an underground sea deep, loose caverns, which are of natural origin.

 2. This thin layer of the earth’s surface is broken and damaged by numerous deep hollows artificial: metro lines and more importantly, a huge underground multistage shelter that were built in case of war with atomic weapons.

3. The third factor is that the concentrated development of Moscow more than 5,000 rivers and streams were put into underground reservoirs. Underground reservoirs are dilapidated for a long time and these thousands of underground rivers have washed away huge and many voids in the deep layers of the soil near Moscow.

All these factors have led to a catastrophic weakening of the earth’s surface layer separating from the surface Moscow underground sea. Against this backdrop of a weakening thin layer of the earth’s surface is a separate factor in modern intensive and very dense buildings in Moscow huge buildings, the only pad foundation which pumped tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of concrete. Thus, there is a huge pressure on the already disastrously weakened layer of the earth’s surface, which is Moscow and under it – the deep underground water. Some time ago, the media almost every day, talked about the failures of the soil in different parts of Moscow. Some of these failures were due to rupture of heating systems or other causes man-made surface, but in most cases these failures were due to the deep layers of the earth movements. Now the most important thing. Even in the period preceding the collapse of the USSR.

The department of geophysical and seismic studies of the Office of Marine Intelligence of the Baltic Fleet was tasked to produce studies related to geophysical and seismic safety of the city of Moscow with the availability under its underground sea. In the period from 1988 to 1990 Geophysical Research Department of Marine cleverness found that the city of Moscow is located at the intersection of two tectonic faults, that is at the junction of four tectonic plates that form the huge power of the mutual pressure. During the observation period was set dynamic voltage rise. In addition, it was also found that the weakened wave tremors, walking along the fault of the places where there are fairly strong earthquake felt on the Earth’s surface in the vicinity of Moscow power from 1.5 to 3.5 points. These shocks trigger avalanches bottoms of the roof of the dome of the land on which stands the city of Moscow, even more than its surface is impaired.

In addition, the military Geophysics concluded that the pressure build-up at the junction of four tectonic plates near Moscow will sooner or later guide to a sufficiently powerful An earthquake measuring 5 to 6 points with an epicenter near Moscow. And if a significant part of houses in Moscow withstand shocks of 4-6 points, they will not stand a layer of the earth’s surface, in addition, significantly weakened, which is Moscow itself. That is the whole layer of earth fall with Moscow in an underground sea. We can only add that in recent years, seismologists around the world have concluded an unprecedented seismic activity around the world, both in frequency of earthquakes and by the inexplicable growth of the geography of earthquakes. Explain the reasons for that seismologists can not.

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