Galactic supernovae appeared vacuum cleaner

Galactic supernovaePowerful supernova appeared a kind of galactic maidens – they, along with the super-massive black holes, swept the gas and dust of galaxies and thus gradually suffocate them, astronomers say in an article published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Previous studies have shown that bursts of activity black holes may limit the rate of star birth in large galaxies, but not entirely prevent their formation, that is really going on. Something else must sweep gas, which is saturated with the dying light of the galaxy and sverhnovye- vacuum cleaners are perfectly suited to this role, said Mark voiti from the University of Massachusetts in Ann Arbor USA.

Voiti and his colleagues came to this conclusion, having tracked the fading star often distant and very large elliptical galaxies using the space telescope Chandra and other ground and space-based observatories. Voiti explains, the evolution of galaxies and the rate of star birth in them depends on 2 parameters – how much of the gas is ejected from them or hated and how many cold dust and the hydrogen is deposited and falls them from the intergalactic medium.

Today, astrophysicists have no doubt that in the heating and gas emissions are to blame super-massive black holes. The essence of this process and the mechanisms of its operation very clear to the surroundings of the nuclei of galaxies, but their effect on the outskirts of the galaxy is still poorly known. It has been observed voiti and his colleagues, only one active black holes in the centers of these galaxies was not enough for the complete cessation of star formation. This has led researchers to look for other galactic phenomena, which would help to throw black holes and destroy the star gates located on the edges of galaxies.

As it turned out, they were the 1st type of supernovae – the most powerful thermonuclear explosions that occur as a result of the merger of white dwarf or theft of matter neighboring stars. The capacity of these outbreaks was enough to warm up the gas and clubs to disperse the surrounding neutral gas to a velocity exceeding the magic mark of 250 kilometers per second, which you need to dial to start from the galaxy. Combinations effort supernova vacuum cleaners and black holes should be enough to throw from galaxies more gas than in them falls out of the intergalactic medium. Interestingly, the activity of the black hole serves as a trigger to start stripping the galaxy supernovae – their emissions rebuild the interstellar medium in a special way, making it more vulnerable to shock waves generated by supernovae. This mechanism is believed to researchers, will help put an end to disputes about why half surrounding the Milky Way galaxy is a giant junkyard already dead stars.

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