Created by the world’s 1st synthetic fuels

synthetic fuelsJust a few weeks after the declaration of the creation of synthetic diesel fuel from water and air, the German car-maker Audi announces the creation of clean-burning synthetic fuel, known as e-Benzin. The new fuel has been created partner Audi, the French company Global Bio-energies.

At the end of 2014 Global Bio-energies has launched a pilot program for the production of isobutane from recycled sugar-containing products, such as glucose contained in corn.

Isobutane, in turn, is a component that is used in the petrochemical industry and can be used in the production of plastics, synthetic fuels¬†and other items. One of the next steps of the project was to conduct the material through the different processes of preparation and purification for subsequent collection and Storage as a liquid under pressure. Some part of this material was sent to Germany for processing in a completely clean izooktanovoe, gasoline with an octane rating of 100. For me, it’s a real historic moment – says CEO Mark Global Bio-energies Dakar. This is really the 1st time that we have created the present fuel from plants. ISO-octane is currently used as an additive to improve the quality of fuel.

However, it can also be used as a standalone fuel. Audi decided to call the final product e-Benzin and declares that the combustion of the fuel is completely harmless, because it did not contain sulfur and benzene. In addition, the high octane fuel that can be used in engines more efficiently. Before you start using the new fuel in its fleet of Audi in the near future plans to examine the composition of the new gasoline, as well as to conduct several tests that will need to show its effectiveness. Delokur of Global Bio-energies, in turn, all the optimism and believes that the fuel can be very soon will appear on the cars consumers. We think we bring Eco-friendly solutions in the areas that are most in need of the most environmentally friendly solutions, says Rick Bokrat, vice president of Chemical Technologies Company Global Bio-energies.

This is essentially a transition from petroleum-based economy to ensure that it has a renewable and thus sustainable future. Audi and Global Bio-energies hope in the near future to modernize the production process of new fuel to when creating e-Benzin does not require the use of biomass. Fuel can be produced using only water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Within the next part of the realization of the plan the company plans to build a pilot plant in Germany, such as that depicted in the photo above. The company, about 10 times more than what is now in France, will be capable of producing 100 tonnes a year of ISO-octane and high purity isobutane already in 2016. In the video you can see the process of production of renewable fuels izooktanovogo at the pilot plant in France.

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