Vampirism with mythological occult and medical points of view

VampirismThe first mention of vampires met in early Greek mythology, where the creepy creatures, sucking the blood of the people, enjoyed the patronage of the goddess Hecate. Favor to evil night handed her the ancient gods of the underworld – habitats most mysterious forces of nature and the human imagination. In the beliefs of the peoples of southern Europe, vampires became unrepentant sinners, suicides, as well as those who died before he could take repentance. A person bitten by a vampire, after a while was a grim community unclean. Having lost control of himself, he wandered the roads at night and drank the blood of bystanders.

Eastern Slavs called an underground creature ghoul or vovkulakom, indicating that, risen from the grave of the deceased, pounces on sleeping people, but preferred to torment their relatives. Great Russians believed that vampires did not touch those who traveled not on their own. In the lower mythology of European peoples dead, sucking blood from living people, was in the shape of a bat, and sometimes other animals, certainly disgusting kind. Autopsy grave – alleged habitats vampire – made with the permission of the authorities in order to place on record, the discovery of the desired substance.

Opening the coffin, people saw the corpse without the slightest sign of decay. Eyes appeared as living dead with soft, fresh skin pinkish hue to the same has not lost body fat. His nails and hair grew back much since the funeral, and blood filled the veins and seeped through the pores. Then followed the inevitable punishment of bloodsucker. One of the ways to destroy the vampire called for a sequence of actions. Initially, he cut off his head, then lay it at the feet of the corpse, pierced heart sharp aspen stake. From the moment when from his veins poured the last drop of blood, living dead ceased to be a ghoul.

In accordance with another method vampire can kill by shooting him charmed silver bullet. In addition, an effective means considered chimes, fresh garlic, iron and pre-sanctified cemetery plots. To avoid the possibility of the resurrection of the vampire in order to finally destroy the mention of it, the corpse was burned.

Anti-vampire set – the cross, holy water, garlic and a wooden stake

A man capable of becoming a vampire, had appropriate signs, even as a human being. Children born with a double row of teeth – the main sign of a vampire, most died in infancy. In Poland, they were called haircut. After the death of newborn flying, bringing terror to the passers-by. Ancient Slavic legends with special force appeared in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Here bloodsuckers who are afraid of the light, endowed with huge fangs and even identified with specific people. Suffice it to recall the legendary Count Dracula, a mysterious man who prepared the Vampire fame thanks to her similarity and the presence of some habits inherent fantastic ghouls.

With the advent of the mystical drama B. Stoker’s Dracula stories about vampires have become the most popular motif romantic story of the XVIII century. A famous story V. Pollidori Vampire. Fear of vampires amplified ignorance of the nature of this phenomenon and crimes authentic historical persons. So, Countess Bathory, who lived in the XVII century, killing peasant girls and drank their blood to regain youth. For many centuries, people have fought a relentless struggle against vampires. In the XVI-XVII centuries in France alone executed more than 30 thousand people, declaring them vampires, anyway – Back-bloodsuckers.

The mystery of a terrible phenomenon called vampirism revealed only in the middle of the XX century, when it was possible to find the causes and describe the symptoms of a unique disease called Porphyria -porphyria. One of the most mysterious diseases in human history is an inherited disorder of the blood. Patients show an increased content of porphyrins – the pigments that make up the hemoglobin in blood and tissues. The disease is characterized by the body’s inability to independently produce a major component of blood – red corpuscles, which causes lack of oxygen and iron in the blood.

Initially, the official medicine did not dare associate with the porphyria legend until he found a brave doctor, Dr. Li Ellis from Hampshire, who published the results of their long-term observations. In 1963 he delivered at the Royal Society of Medicine, confirming a report monograph On the etiology of porphyria and werewolves.English explorer work contained an analysis of historical descriptions werewolves bloodsucking compared with clinic porphyria. It is believed that this disease suffers one person out of 200 thousand, and the likelihood of its transmission by inheritance is extremely high. Potential cause of the disease is incest.

Physicians are known more than 80 cases of congenital porphyria, when in the blood and in the tissues under the influence of ultraviolet radiation begins the breakdown of hemoglobin is converted into toxins that corrode the subcutaneous tissue. Skin darkens, acquiring a reddish hue, thinner, then bursts under the influence of sunlight, covered with scars and sores on the outside. Over time, the inflammation affects the cartilage of the nose and ears, as well as bone and tendon, strongly deforming limbs. The skin around the lips and gums dries and becomes rigid: the incisors are exposed to the gums, creating the effect of a grin. Due to the deposition of porphyrin on the teeth, they become reddish-brown in color. As a result, the patient becomes repulsive appearance, causing fear in others views festering eyelids and gnarled fingers.

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