The Phenomenon of Premonition of Disaster

premonition of disasterIn 2007 mudflow almost completely destroyed the mountain village Bulungu that in Kabardino-Balkaria. Today, against the backdrop of many other unfortunate events that fact hardly anyone wonder marvelously. Affects the other: in Bulungu killed one person and a couple of cows. But the mountains – it’s not the tundra, where a neighbor for a cup of tea is necessary for two days to get the deer. Alpine village – usually penny more or less convenient land, where all the buildings huddle together like grapes in clusters. How did this on a piece survived almost all residents?

But the mountains – it’s not the tundra, where a neighbor for a cup of tea is necessary for two days to get the deer. Alpine village – usually penny more or less convenient land, where all the buildings huddle together like grapes in clusters. How did this on a piece survived almost all residents?

Incidental or consequential?

Strange but true: the inhabitants of the village at this moment suddenly all together left their homes and scattered in all directions. Some took away the cattle in the pasture, and family just before the raging elements suffered them lunch. Other whole family went to stay with relatives for a wedding. Even someone toothache, and he went to the district center to the dentist, and relatives joined him to go shopping. Dwellings of those who in the evil hour was at home, the deadly stream miraculously bypassed.

It turns out that we have to be a happy coincidence of coincidences?

And this is not the first such disaster in Bulungu. Twice previously in 1983 and 1995, rural attacked the village. In 1995 th sel also claimed one life. Stewardess company Air France Isabelle Saryan in 2000 was to fly to the next trip. But in the morning she cut her finger and then her son had a fever. Isabel called her mother and asked to sit with your child. But she managed to slip on a tangerine peel and break a leg. After that Isabel’s nothing left but to call the authorities and ask her substitute. A few minutes after takeoff airliner crashed …

September 11, 2001 many employees of the World Trade Center in New York, too, has saved a lucky break. For example, Greer Epstein from the office on the 67th floor shortly before the fall of the building the plane went into a tobacconist. A Bill Trinkl late for work, began playing with his little daughter at home and not having the morning train, and a girl named Monica O’Leary on the day before the tragedy was fired. In 2008, five people for various reasons, missed the flight, Boeing 737 flying on the route Moscow – Perm, and had to go to a destination by train. During landing the plane crashed, and of those on board 87 people survived one.

Many celebrities say that they have a guardian angel that protects them from harm. An example of this – the history of the famous Argentine racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio. February 23, 1958, he was kidnapped by the Cuban rebels. It happened one day before the start of the Grand Prix of Havana. After 28 hours, the rebels released Fangio, making a statement that committed this act to the whole world knew about the uprising against the Batista dictatorship. During the races in which Fangio was unable to attend, there was a terrible accident with a lot of victims. After that Fangio said that his fate intervened Providence, and refused to give any evidence against their captors …

In search of truth

Researcher William Cox found that the number of passengers in the 28 trains, wrecked, was significantly less than in following the same route during the week before the accident, or a few days after her. In addition, the number of passengers in the damaged or derailed cars also was lower than in the rest. Our local experts on the paranormal Olga and Boris Kol’chenko go in their studies further, arguing that people feel the approach of the disaster helped the subconscious, rather intuition. Kol’chenko took this conclusion is not from the ceiling of pre much work was done on the study of such phenomena. And what? They found a lot of similar cases. Sometimes, people missed the train, and he crashed; someone was negligent and did not come to work, and that day in the office there was an explosion, etc., etc., etc..

Meanwhile, at the other end of the globe, in the US, a similar idea put forward in due time a famous American sociologist James D. L. Staunton. In 1958 he published in the journal Journal of Sociology results of their work, carefully examining more than 200 rail crashes (since 1900) and more than 50 aircraft accidents (since 1925).For a start, he entered all the data into a computer to set the ratio of three factors: the number of people involved in the accident, the death toll and the capacity of the vehicle. And for the purity of the experiment carefully studied yet and the same number of planes and trains, made it safely to your destination.

Results of the study was struck by a scientist. It was found that in all cases the transportation accidents was filled only 61 percent. A successful outcome at the number of passengers traveling exceed 76 percent of the total volume of the airplane or train. The difference of 15 percent – not a trifle. This will confirm any specialist. This theory was developed before the advent of Staunton computers, and smart car just proved it. From these calculations Staunton concluded: people, of course, did not know what kind of planes and trains will get into an accident, but something has helped them to avoid it.

What? The same intuition, although the reasons for the luckiest of all were different. One, for example, before the trip grabbed her stomach. The other died suddenly of a relative. A third on the way to the airport tucks leg because of what at some minutes late for a flight. Staunton called this phenomenon the phenomenon of premonition of disaster.

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