The most terrible earthquakes

earthquakesThe terrible earthquake on record occurred in the vicinity of the Chilean city of Valdivia in 1960. But despite the magnitude of the record in 9,2-9,3, killing a total of about 6 thousand. Man, and mostly from the tsunami because of the sparsely populated areas, ie. h. tsunami reached Hawaii about 10 thousand. kilometers from the epicenter.

The second record magnitude 9.3 earthquake is considered to be in Alaska in 1964. Hardest hit most populated Anchorage 120km epicenter. But only 9 people were killed under the rubble of the 121 victims who have followed covered the tsunami.

By destructiveness and number of deaths the worst in the history of mankind is considered a great Chinese earthquake in 1556 in Shaanxi province, killing about 830 thousand. Man. Everything was destroyed at a distance of 500 km from the epicenter, in the soil were 20-meter gaps, cracks. This number of deaths linked to its capacity (8 points on 12-point Richter scale), as well as landslides, mudflows, and the fact that many Chinese people in those areas live in traditional cave then. The power of the earthquake was based on a 12-point scale to assess the consequences of the disaster, and not on the basis of magnitude (vibrations), calculated and recorded on the seismograph 9.5-point scale.

1976 earthquake in the Chinese city of Tangshan magnitude 8.2, which was accompanied by repeated a few hours later with a magnitude of up to 7. Chinese authorities refused international aid and expressed 242.419 thousand. Victims, which is 2-3 times lower than the estimates of foreign experts.

The Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, caused by fluctuations in the Earth’s crust underwater ocean magnitude 9.1-9.3, resulting in the death and destruction that has become the third largest in the history of mankind. The tsunami height of more than 15 meters destroyed buildings far beyond the edge of the coast of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. The water porridge mixed with deadly debris coastal buildings, heading at high speed, killing up to 230 thousand. Man.

Earthquake in Gansu in 1920 in the Chinese Haiyuan County is estimated at 7.8 on the Richter scale has led to a change in the river beds due to landslides in the mountains. Mudslides killed seven Chinese provinces, killing about 200 thousand. Man. Many of them died from cold and hunger, because the accident occurred in December.

The great earthquake of Kanto in the Japanese province of magnitude 8.3 led to the destruction of Tokyo and neighboring Yokohama. For two days occurred more than 300 aftershocks. Tokyo was destroyed by 40% Yokogoma – 90%. Almost 143 thousand. People died.

Earthquake in Turkmenistan and Ashgabat earthquake in 1948 reached magnitude 7.3. Ashgabat was almost completely destroyed, killed under the debris of 110 thousand. 170 thousand. Man.

Sichuan earthquake that occurred in China’s mountainous province of the same name in 2008, estimated the seismographs of magnitude 8. According to the Chinese authorities killed 80 thousand. Man. The scandal gave catastrophe that killed about 10 thousand. Children in schools that because of cheap and substandard materials quickly crumbled, leaving no chance to evacuate.

An earthquake of 7.6 on the Richter scale in the border with India, Pakistan’s Kashmir region has led to the deaths of about 200 thousand. Pakistanis and more than one thousand. Hindus.

The Italian city of Messina in 1908 suffered from an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on the bottom of the Strait of Messina and the subsequent tsunami up to 10 meters. Waves and earthquake destroyed more than 20 coastal towns and villages in Sicily and Calabria. Killed more than 80 thousand. Man.

Rounding out the list of the most deadly earthquake disaster in Peru Chimbote in the 1970 magnitude 7.9 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean more than 15 km from the city, located in the mountainous region. The disaster claimed the lives of about 70 thousand. Man because of mudflow speed of 300 km / h, sour cream instantly foothill village and town.

March 11, 2011, in the north-east Japan earthquake of magnitude 9.0, which received the official name of the Great East Japan earthquake. The number of dead and missing exceeded 20 thousand people. About 93% of those killed were victims of the giant waves.

An earthquake measuring 7.9 in Nepal. The scale of destruction is huge, the number of deaths has exceeded 3,600 people, affected millions, thousands injured. The effects are still not fully understood.

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