Radiation- What to do?


What do you do when the wind is coming radioactive and radioactive rain, and what needs to be done.

1. does not storm pharmacy, stocking liter of iodine. Drink it useless to smear the skin as advised some clever – even more so.

We are not talking about an accident at the plant, and the iodine, which was once the radioactivity (in 1986) has long been broken up, he half-life of 8 days.

¬†After 29 years after the Chernobyl accident contaminated with radioactive iodine (iodine-131) does not threaten you – it’s tricky pharmacists decided to hurry up.

2. Closed windows and balconies, wet cleaning 3-4 times a day, giving up any walks, visits to markets and shops – that naiperveyshie precautions. Do not get caught in the rain – this is now nothing romantic.

3. Acceptance of any antioxidants, whether red wine or orange juice. In any case it is useful.

4. wilderness liters of vodka is not necessary and it is useless. Vodka helps in the first 5-10 minutes immediately after irradiation. Kiev and the region most insidious danger, slow radiation, which will manifest itself through the years. It is therefore very relevant wet cleaning and the dosimeter in each family.

5. Yes, and a vacuum cleaner in this situation – not a friend, but an enemy of man. Especially if you faithfully pound all the dust in a bag and left her there to live. There’s even difficult to advise what to do and then with a bag and a vacuum cleaner. Better bypassed without any of this wonderful device at this time.

6. In this case it is primarily on radioactive isotopes of strontium and cesium such radiation tends to accumulate in the body and, furthermore, strontium replaces calcium in the body, and cesium – potassium. Therefore, the optimistic reports Background OK! You personally should not result in the blissful state: in this situation, if it will develop adversely, we will deal with the cumulative effect, which threatens the future increase in the number of cancer and a weakening of the immune system.

And yet – keep an eye on weather forecasts. The wind will change in the evening today, that is, the night already fly greetings from Chernobyl.

On the territory of the Chernobyl disaster to maintain a relatively long-lived isotopes. Basically it Cesium (Cs) 137 and strontium (Sr) 90. The half-life of about every 30 years.

The main area of infection lies to the north-north east of Chernobyl in the direction of Gomel. Fires, like, from the south, which is good. But if the fire is in the territory with radioactive contamination, these isotopes are inevitable along with the ashes will be spread.

Concentrations of Sr 90 and Cs 137 are dangerous to the body for a long time before they exceed the dose of radiation on the overall level of value that can be measured by a conventional portable dosimeter. If a standard dosimeter shows the excess of natural background – this is Kopec, and it is necessary to take children to the teeth and go to a safe place, such as Irkutsk. Therefore, all the talk about the fact that normal pattern – they are about anything.

The danger of these isotopes is that they have a cumulative effect. Both are involved in the metabolic processes. Sr 90 replaces calcium in the bones, and Cs 137 replaces potassium in the muscle tissue. The body eventually becomes radioactive. Since Sr and Cs, respectively active Ca and K withdraw them from the body or to replace back to Ca and K is no longer possible. The half of the body is almost equal to the half-life. That is, if you breathe Sr, then you until the end of life is a natural radioactive source, and in the bone marrow.

These elements can detect using a gamma spectrometer. Pretty expensive stuff, and there are usually at specialized departments for nuclear power plants or research institutes. Look familiar nuclear physicists.

States are monitoring the situation, and the ashes spread quickly. So even if Ukraine will gloss over the fact of radioactive contamination, noise lift in Europe.

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