India hit a huge hailstones, have died

 hailstonesIt happened Friday night. Heavy rain and hail began suddenly and caught people on the streets and in the fields by surprise.

Abnormal hail covered the Indian district Mathur. The Weight of individual hailstones up to 1 kilogram. 2 people died, many houses damaged, injured pets. Huge hailstones killed birds and animals. Witnesses said that at first it started to rain, accompanied by a fairly large hail, people rushed to the shelter, as hail hurt, and then all was quiet. People went back to their business, and suddenly no rain fell from the sky huge white balloons  hail up to a kilogram, according to The times of India.

There were registered 3 waves of gradopada, covered the area for 40 minutes. Then the storm front had gone to the Northwest, leaving two dead, many wounded, broken cars, destroyed crops, roofs and many dead and injured animals and birds, hailstones knocked on the fly.

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