At what age our brain is at its peak?

 brainAccording to a recent study, the aging of the intellectual abilities has evolved different nature.

Sports writers will tell you that athletes usually reach their maximum at the age of 20, after which their physical abilities quickly taper off. Many people in our lives, for example, a career  it takes much more time to develop. As it turned out, the intellect also reaches its full bloom a little later. According to a recent study, some of the components of our intelligence Brain are at the top of that, we still learn in high school or university, while others continue to improve when we are over 40, 50 and above.The study of intelligence began a century ago with the work of the French psychologist Alfred Binet, who in the early 1900s involved in the diagnosis of pupils with learning difficulties. Some psychologists have focused on the problem of measuring intelligence Brain.

Lately, however, they are interested in the question of what it defines the mental development of a person, and, if anything, is there something that we unequivocally and in summary form might call intelligence. Probably not Since last idea has captured the minds of the researchers, they began to observe the development of various kinds of intelligence in the time length. The answer to this question can contribute not only to the scientific theory of intelligence, but also can improve the efficiency of learning and help doctors detect cognitive impairment in older people and deal with them.

To better understand these issues, psychologists Joshua Hartshorne and Laura Sherman Laura Germine examined 21,926 people aged 10 to 71 years who participated in the experiments on the Brain. Three participants underwent tests on vocabulary and the ability to associate a sequence of numbers with symbols, the test for The recognition of emotions called “Reading the mental state of the lake, where it is necessary to determine a person’s feeling just by the look in his eyes, and test working memory that is, the ability to reproduce in memory of recently seen objects.

Depending on which to base the measurements, different intellectual abilities reach peak activity in very different times. Some of the youngest participants in the experiment caused a stir On the job to convert numbers into symbols are age of the participants with the best results ranged between 19 and 20 years. Then, with age, the effectiveness of the implementation of this task has been steadily declining. RAM reaches its peak at 25-35 years of age, after which planned a relatively slow decline.

But also those over 40, also need not worry. According to the test results, Reading the mental state after the sight of data, intellectual abilities developed enough already to 20 years, but continue to improve up to 48 years, after which emotion recognition skills go very slowly. Meanwhile, the vocabulary at this age is increasing, although subsequently the rate of replenishment slows down.

The purpose of this study was not even to determine the exact age at which we reach the highest intellectual activity or sequence in the development of different abilities. Rather, as they say Hartshorne and Zhermayn in the journal Psychological Science, the study seeks to show that cognitive abilities in their development reaches its climax at the same time does not, in fact – each follows its own way of development to the extent that, as people get older. According to the authors, this has important implications for psychological theories of cognition. Carrying out the analysis in this paper provides the theory of development, maturation and aging rich and complex set of phenomena they wrote. Some of the changes are likely to occur due to biological aging, which inevitably awaits us all, while others, such as the constant increase vocabulary, may be the result of experience, which comes to us only with the years.

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