Above the volcano Calbuco appeared god-like cloud

MysteriousThe mysterious god-like cloud appeared after a volcanic outbreak in Chile Calbuco. Some locals believe that the mysterious figure emerging from the crater of the volcano, is a divine sign. Belief in extraterrestrial origin ash plume outlandish form is unbreakable by the fact that the volcano Calbuco suddenly awakened after a forty-year sleep.

Volcano added spectacle of grandeur one of the majority dazzling light show that when the world has ever seen.

 Fierce lightning arose because of mixing of particles in liquid and solid states at the time of the eruption. The result is an electrical discharge, both during normal thunderstorms.

Raised in the troposphere ash spread by air currents for thousands of kilometers to the east. Within three days after the outbreak of Calbuco beautiful purple sunset sky graced the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. This phenomenon is the result of mixing blue clear sky with red hues of sunset.

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