Radiation- What to do?


What do you do when the wind is coming radioactive and radioactive rain, and what needs to be done.

1. does not storm pharmacy, stocking liter of iodine. Drink it useless to smear the skin as advised some clever – even more so.

We are not talking about an accident at the plant, and the iodine, which was once the radioactivity (in 1986) has long been broken up, he half-life of 8 days.

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The most terrible earthquakes

earthquakesThe terrible earthquake on record occurred in the vicinity of the Chilean city of Valdivia in 1960. But despite the magnitude of the record in 9,2-9,3, killing a total of about 6 thousand. Man, and mostly from the tsunami because of the sparsely populated areas, ie. h. tsunami reached Hawaii about 10 thousand. kilometers from the epicenter.

The second record magnitude 9.3 earthquake is considered to be in Alaska in 1964. Hardest hit most populated Anchorage 120km epicenter. But only 9 people were killed under the rubble of the 121 victims who have followed covered the tsunami. Continue reading “The most terrible earthquakes”

Above the volcano Calbuco appeared god-like cloud

MysteriousThe mysterious god-like cloud appeared after a volcanic outbreak in Chile Calbuco. Some locals believe that the mysterious figure emerging from the crater of the volcano, is a divine sign. Belief in extraterrestrial origin ash plume outlandish form is unbreakable by the fact that the volcano Calbuco suddenly awakened after a forty-year sleep.

Volcano added spectacle of grandeur one of the majority dazzling light show that when the world has ever seen.

 Fierce lightning arose because of mixing of particles in liquid and solid states at the time of the eruption. The result is an electrical discharge, both during normal thunderstorms.

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The phenomenon of spontaneous self-healing

 self-healingMan struck a terrible disease. Doctors leave all hope. And suddenly the disease recedes. This happens in real life. The question is, how? What is the spontaneous remission? The medical community is trying to ignore the spontaneous remission, also known as self-healing. In fact, some doctors do not believe in this phenomenon – at least with respect to certain diseases – but most of them are just trying not to allow people to entertain false hopes, and, more importantly, the use of false medicines.

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The number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal exceeds 1500

earthquakeNumber of victims of the earthquake in Nepal have exceeded 1,500. The information published on this channel DPA citing Finance Minister Ram Mahat. Only in the capital Kathmandu, killing about 200 people. Many houses and buildings were destroyed. According to preliminary data, more than one thousand seven hundred people injured. In addition, in neighboring India have become victims of the earthquake, 34 people, five more died in Tibet. Continue reading “The number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal exceeds 1500”

Holy Quran the existence of alien worlds?

Holy QuranIn the first sura of the Koran “Fatiha” is the verse: “Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.” (Qur’an, 1: 2). The mention of the worlds in the plural occurs in other verses:

“… Oh, Musa (Moses)! I – Allah, the Lord of the worlds “(Qur’an, 28:30).

“… Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds!” (Qur’an, 7:54).

According to the statement companions of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, Abu Saeed al-Curls, Allah created forty thousand worlds, and this world with all of its creations – only one of them. Continue reading “Holy Quran the existence of alien worlds?”

Vampirism with mythological occult and medical points of view

VampirismThe first mention of vampires met in early Greek mythology, where the creepy creatures, sucking the blood of the people, enjoyed the patronage of the goddess Hecate. Favor to evil night handed her the ancient gods of the underworld – habitats most mysterious forces of nature and the human imagination. In the beliefs of the peoples of southern Europe, vampires became unrepentant sinners, suicides, as well as those who died before he could take repentance. A person bitten by a vampire, after a while was a grim community unclean. Having lost control of himself, he wandered the roads at night and drank the blood of bystanders. Continue reading “Vampirism with mythological occult and medical points of view”

The Phenomenon of Premonition of Disaster

premonition of disasterIn 2007 mudflow almost completely destroyed the mountain village Bulungu that in Kabardino-Balkaria. Today, against the backdrop of many other unfortunate events that fact hardly anyone wonder marvelously. Affects the other: in Bulungu killed one person and a couple of cows. But the mountains – it’s not the tundra, where a neighbor for a cup of tea is necessary for two days to get the deer. Alpine village – usually penny more or less convenient land, where all the buildings huddle together like grapes in clusters. How did this on a piece survived almost all residents?

But the mountains – it’s not the tundra, where a neighbor for a cup of tea is necessary for two days to get the deer. Alpine village – usually penny more or less convenient land, where all the buildings huddle together like grapes in clusters. How did this on a piece survived almost all residents? Continue reading “The Phenomenon of Premonition of Disaster”

Scientific quest for immortality

ScienceSearch for the Ponce de León fountain of eternal youth may be a legend, but the basic idea – find a cure for old age – is very real.

People have been trying to crack the code of eternal youth, almost from the beginning of mankind.We tried everything we could imagine from the magical objects and an epic journey to the sacrifices and the use of blood also invented monsters that live forever, drinking blood. There was only a matter of time when science got involved in this quest Mysterious, and, you know, some real steps in this direction, she will be able to do. The Scientific quest for immortality Aging at the molecular level, it makes no sense. Our bodies are constantly creating new cells and restore our natural ability to protect, but we’re still getting old. Entropy takes the best of us, and we accept it as inevitable, although science has made a huge step forward, increasing our life expectancy. Continue reading “Scientific quest for immortality”

India hit a huge hailstones, have died

 hailstonesIt happened Friday night. Heavy rain and hail began suddenly and caught people on the streets and in the fields by surprise.

Abnormal hail covered the Indian district Mathur. The Weight of individual hailstones up to 1 kilogram. 2 people died, many houses damaged, injured pets. Huge hailstones killed birds and animals. Witnesses said that at first it started to rain, accompanied by a fairly large hail, people rushed to the shelter, as hail hurt, and then all was quiet. People went back to their business, and suddenly no rain fell from the sky huge white balloons  hail up to a kilogram, according to The times of India. Continue reading “India hit a huge hailstones, have died”