The underwater city of the dead

underwaterMany wealthy people think through in advance the script of his funeral and leave farewell executors. Not everyone wants to have their remains were buried in the crypt, the ground or the wall of the columbarium.

 Some require that their ashes scattered in the wind, while others require that the ashes were sent into space no problems, would be the money. And those who can not imagine their life without the sea, and after the death of choosing Memorial Neptune  the world’s only underwater graveyard.Concrete Atlantis Diver Gary Levin, chosen plot bottom five kilometers from Key Biscayne, Miami suburb, was not going to build here columbarium. The idea was quite different. Florida coast – a paradise for scuba diving, and Levin would attract tourists, giving them the opportunity to admire the “ruins of Atlantis.” No, of course not present. He planned to build a 12-meter depth “remake” – the capital of Atlantis, which he had imagined it. Of course, the underwater city of concrete, bronze and steel always wanted to visit the tens of thousands of divers. Example sight underwater sculpture park, Jason Taylor enjoys wide popularity among divers. No sooner said than done. To work attracted the architect Kim Levin Brendella. A couple of young enthusiasts have come up pretty quickly ambitious project. According to their plan, Memorial Atlantis the name he bore initially was to occupy an area of about 65,000 square meters.

 When finished with the design, Levin and Brendell appealed to local authorities to give them permission to build. Thus began their walk to Calvary .

 Continuous problems Officials pondered for a long time, to give the nod to the building or not, and suddenly demanded changes to the project. According to their instructions, Memorial Atlantis had to be prepared to withstand the blows to the elements. Such as, for example, Hurricane Andrew, which caused enormous damage to the coast of Florida in 1992. Only in 2007, more than a dozen state supervisory authorities (including the defense establishment) agreed on a draft and allowed to begin construction. It happened just after the creators of Atlantis Memorial authorities assured that their facility will not only be a place of pilgrimage for divers, but also serve as a basis for a giant coral reef. That is, except for a few of the most valuable and beautiful buildings, the rest of the memorial will not be cleaned and will be a place of refuge ocean flora and fauna.

 Finally received permission, Levin and Brendell faced with a new problem: money! Their project, especially with regard to the requirements of the authorities on safety, required investments of huge funds. Such money at enthusiasts, of course, was not. And banks for loans they expect, skeptical perspective of an underwater memorial. According to bankers, this project will never be paid off.

Bargain At a time when Levin and Brendell in despair – a project in which it has invested so much time, effort and money, were not wanted! – At the door of their office stood a huge black limousine. A middle-aged black man presented for young people purpose of the visit. He is a representative of the largest US network crematoria – Neptune Society. However, “neptunschiki” not only burned the bodies of the dead, but also provides a full range of funeral services: The next to the last one did not break the will of the deceased, performed rituals, according to the terms of the will, to help relatives to buy a place in the cemetery, provide transportation and so on.

The visitor aware of the difficulties faced by Levin and Brendell, and therefore offered them a deal. Do you have an interesting project and a building permit, we have – money – he said from the doorway. – Proposal simple: you build your Atlantis, we allocate the money. and use your child as an underwater columbarium. Hand Brendell refused to participate in this, he said, indecent farce. But Levin did not miss the chance. He got quite a high post in the Neptune Society, a high salary and began to dream of a life.

 The water does not want to?

Soon underwater construction began. However, the project changed its name – now it was not Atlantis, and Neptune Memorial. Laws of Marketing! Otherwise, everything was going according to the original plan. Under the water column appeared at the entrance to the memorial stone lions froze, workers in diving suits paved track. Funeral giant spared no money! In construction were used not only eco-friendly and therefore very expensive concrete, but also tons of precious bronze.

By the end of the first phase of construction (2013) Memorial occupied an area of about 4000 square meters. At the moment, here are buried about 850 dead, that I will bring his ashes sea.

The process is as follows: after the cremation ashes mixed with sand and concrete sculpture and made according to the wishes of the deceased. Someone asks “blind” from his starfish, someone – a sailboat, the third prefers to turn into a kind of ancient statues. After this sculpture, which fasten a bronze plaque with the name of the deceased is lowered to the bottom and attach to the family repurchased the site of the memorial.

Visit the burial place of a loved one – not a problem. The funeral home provides rental boats and diving equipment. However, the visit of Neptune Memorial not only the relatives of the deceased. Every day there are hundreds of divers – both local residents and visiting tourists wishing to explore “the ruins of Atlantis,” which are already beginning to be overgrown with corals and became home to many marine organisms. However, fishing and sportfishing in the area are strictly forbidden: it received the status of a natural reef and protected by the state. According to statistics, which are members of the Memorial Neptune, some American families whose relatives are buried in the cemetery underwater annual “combine business with pleasure.” That is carried out annual leave on the coast of Florida, and at the same time visit the graves of loved ones. And the duty of memory is given, and make the underwater walk.

At the end of 2014 at the memorial actively under construction. After all, in the final disposal center, the most prestigious area – very expensive that few can afford. This explains the relatively small at the moment the number of graves. In total, according to the plan, will find here the last refuge of about 125,000 dead! The farther from the center, the less will be the burial. Therefore, over time, the demand for underwater graves will only grow. The more the world becomes more and more people interested in diving and environmental protection. And for them, believe in Neptune Society, there is no better last refuge than a memorial near the coast of Miami.

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