The Blue Peacock the British planned to blow Germany

Blue PeacockBlue Peacock the name of the top-secret project, which the British military developed in the 1950s. The project in Germany should have been installed underground nuclear mines.

If the USSR began to advance on Europe  mine would be activated or remotely via an 8-day time.It was assumed that the explosion of nuclear mines not only destroy the buildings and structures over a large area, but also to prevent its occupation due to radioactive contamination. As nuclear toppings such mines use English atomic bombs Blue Danube Blue Danube. Each minute was huge in size and weighing more than 7 tons. Mines had to be in the German soil without protection so their body is made almost indehiscent. After activation, each mine would explode in 10 seconds after it someone will move or change parameters of the internal pressure and humidity. April 1, 2004 National Archives of the UK spread information During the Cold War, the British were going to be used against the Soviet troops nuclear bomb Blue Peacock stuffed with live chickens. Naturally, we all thought  a joke. It turned out that the truth.

This is a true story  said Robert Smith, Robert Smith, head of the press service of the British National Archives (National Archives), opened the exhibition The Secret State, dedicated to the state secrets and military secrets of the British 1950s. Public service is not joking” – echoes his colleague Tom O’Leary Tom O’Leary. That’s magazine New Scientist confirms some facts Post about the English nuclear warheads, he published a serious July 3, 2003.

Immediately after the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan, the then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee Clement Attlee sent a top-secret memo to the Committee on Atomic Energy Atomic Energy Committee. Attlee wrote that if Britain wants to remain a great power, it must be a powerful weapon of deterrence that can bulldoze the major cities of the enemy. British nuclear weapons are developed in such secrecy that Winston Churchill, who returned to his homeland in 1951, was struck by how Attlee was able to hide the cost of bombs from the parliament and ordinary citizens.

In the early fifties, when the post-war picture of the world has largely come to a bipolar scheme confrontation communist east and the capitalist west over Europe looming threat of a new war. The Western powers were aware that the Soviet Union is much superior to them in the number of ordinary weapons, so the main limiting factor able to stop the alleged invasion, was to become a nuclear weapons – it was more of the West. In preparation for the next war, the British secret now RARDE developed a special kind of mines that had to leave behind for the troops if they would have to retreat from Europe under the pressure of the communist hordes. Mines of this project, called “Blue Peacock”, in fact, is an ordinary nuclear bombs – only intended to be placed under, rather than throwing from the air.

Charges have been installed at strategic to promote the advancing troops points – on major highways, under bridges in special concrete wells, and so on. D. It was assumed that all the charges in blasting will create a zone of radioactive contamination and the formidable obstacles that delay the advance of the Soviet troops in two or three days.

In November 1953, the first atomic bomb – “Blue Danube» (Blue Danube) – placed at the disposal of the Royal Air Force. A year later, “Danube” was the basis for a new project called Blue Peacock.

The aim of the project  to prevent the enemy occupation of territory due to its destruction, and nuclear and not only contamination. Clearly, someone in the midst of the Cold War, the British considered a potential enemy – the Soviet Union.

It was his nuclear attack, they waited anxiously and pre-calculated damage. Illusions about the outcome for themselves the Third World, the British did not experience: the united power of a dozen hydrogen bombs Russian will be equivalent to all the allied bombs dropped on Germany, Italy and France during the Second World War.

12 million people die in the first few seconds, the other 4 million seriously injured, toxic clouds traveling across the country. The forecast turned out so gloomy that his audience did not show up until 2002, when the materials were in the National Archives.

Nuclear mine project Blue Peacock weighed about 7.2 tons and is an impressive steel cylinder, inside which is a plutonium core surrounded by detonating chemical explosives, as well as a rather complicated at that time e-filling. The bomb was about 10 kilotons. The British planned to bury ten such mines near the strategically important sites in West Germany, where he is a British military contingent, and use them if the Soviet Union still dare to invade. Mines had to explode eight days after the activation of the built-in timer. Furthermore, they could undermine remotely from a distance of 5 km. The device was also equipped with a system to prevent demining any attempt to open or move the activated bomb led to an immediate explosion.

When you create a mine developers are faced with a rather unpleasant problem related to unstable operation of electronic systems bomb at low temperatures of winter. To solve this problem, it was proposed to use a heat insulating shell and. chickens. It was assumed that the chickens will walling in the mine with the supply of water and food. After a few weeks the chicks would die, but the heat of their bodies would be enough to warm electronics mines. About chickens became known after the declassification of documents Blue Peacock. At first we all thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but Tom O’Leary – Head of the National Archives of the United Kingdom, said “it looks like a joke, but it’s definitely not a joke.

However, there was also a more traditional version that uses ordinary thermal insulation based on glass.In the mid-fifties, the project culminated in the creation of two working prototypes that have been successfully tested, but not tested – no nuclear mine was not blown up. However, in 1957 the British military ordered the construction of ten minutes of the Blue Peacock, planning to place them on the territory of Germany under the guise of small nuclear reactors for power generation. However, in the same year the British government decides to close the project the idea of a secret deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of another country was considered a political miscalculation army leadership. The discovery of these mines threatened England very serious diplomatic complications, so as a result of the level of risk associated with the project Blue Peacock, was found unacceptably high.

Prototype chicken Mines joins the historical collection of the government agency for nuclear weapons (Atomic Weapons Establishment.At the time, the foreign press has repeatedly reported that in order to cover the border with China the Soviet Armed Forces are prepared to use nuclear mines. This, however, is a question of a long period of very unfriendly relations between Moscow and Beijing.

And it then situation was so. In the event of war with its northern neighbor China on its territory rushed to the real hordes consisting of compounds of the People’s Liberation Army and militia – minbin. Only recently, we observe significantly outnumber all fully mobilized Soviet divisions. That’s why on the lines separating the Soviet Union from China, in addition to a number of tanks dug into the ground allegedly planned to resort to install nuclear mines. Each of them was able, according to the American journalist and the former Soviet officer Mark Steinberg, turn into a radioactive barrier portion of the border zone length of 10 kilometers.

It is known that the engineers engaged in mining and mine, dealing with anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, unexploded bombs, shells and other extremely dangerous contraption. But few have heard that there were secret Soviet Army engineering units special purpose vehicle created for the elimination of nuclear bombs.

The presence of such units due to the fact that during the Cold War, American troops in Europe were placed in wells of special nuclear explosive devices. They had to work after the outbreak of hostilities between NATO and the Warsaw Pact on the way to break through to the Channel Soviet tank armies (nightmare Pentagon at the time!). Approaches to nuclear landmines could hide behind conventional minefields.

Meanwhile, civilians in the same West Germany, for example, lived and did not know what is nearby well with American nuclear munitions. Such concrete shaft to a depth of 6 meters could be found under bridges, near the crossroads, right on the highway and in other strategic locations. Usually they are arranged in groups. And the banal kind of metal lids made nuclear wells are virtually indistinguishable from conventional manholes.

However, there is an opinion that in reality no bombs in these structures are not set, they were empty and nuclear munitions there were down only when the real threat of a military conflict between the West and the East – in the “special period in an administrative order,” according to the terminology adopted in the Soviet army.

zvody exploration and destruction of enemy nuclear bombs were in the state of engineering battalion of Soviet tank divisions stationed on the territory of the countries – participants of the Warsaw Pact in 1972. The personnel of these units known nuclear device “infernal machines” and have the necessary equipment for their search and neutralization. Sappers, who are known to be wrong once, then avoid blunders was altogether impossible.

In the US the number of such bombs were M31, M59, T-4, HM113, M167, M172 and M175 with a TNT equivalent of 0.5 to 70 kilotons, united under a common acronym ADM – Atomic Demolition Munition («nuclear ammunition subversive”). They were a fairly heavy weight of the device from 159 to 770 pounds. The first and most difficult of bombs – M59 US Army has adopted in 1953. To install the nuclear bombs the United States troops in Europe have special engineering units, these include, for example, the 567 th Engineer Company, veterans which even got quite nostalgic website.

In the arsenal of the probable adversary had other exotic nuclear weapons. “The Green Berets” – Special Forces, Rangers – military units deep reconnaissance, “seals” – saboteurs naval spetsrazvedki US were trained tab special small-sized nuclear mines, but on the ground the enemy, that is, in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries. It is known that such mines M129 and M159 treated. For example, nuclear mine M159 has a mass of 68 kilograms and power depending on version 0.01 and 0.25 kiloton. These mines were issued in 1964-1983, respectively.

At one time in the West there were rumors that the US human intelligence trying to implement a program of installation of portable radio-controlled nuclear bombs in the Soviet Union (in particular in large cities, the areas of the waterworks, and so on. D.). Anyway division of American nuclear saboteurs, nicknamed Green Light («Green Light”), conducted training, during which lay studied atomic “infernal machines” in hydroelectric dams, tunnels and other facilities, relatively resistant to the “ordinary” nuclear attack.

And what about the Soviet Union Of course, he had a similar means – it is not a mystery. Armed with special units of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff had special nuclear mines RA41, RA47, RA97 and RA115, the production of which was carried out in 1967-1993, respectively.

The above mentioned Mark Steinberg somehow informed about the presence in the Soviet army backpack portable explosive devices such as OC-6 (OC – knapsack nuclear). In one of its publications, the ex-Soviet citizen writes: “Weight OC-6 about 25 kilograms. A charge he has fusion, in which the applied thorium and California. The charge varies from 0.2 to 1 kiloton of TNT Nuclear bomb is activated or delay fuses or equipment remote control at a distance of 40 kilometers. It is equipped with multiple systems neobezvrezhivaemosti vibration, optical, acoustic and electromagnetic, so remove it from the site or neutralize virtually impossible.

That’s right, and in fact the American nuclear infernal machines our spetssapery studied disarm. Well, we can only take my hat off to domestic scientists and engineers to create such weapons. It is worth mentioning, and vague information about the alleged (the key word in this article) are considered by the Soviet leadership plans to sabotage nuclear laying mines in areas of silo launchers of ICBMs US – they had to operate immediately after the rocket launch, destroying its shock wave. Although it certainly looks more like a James Bond Adventure. For such counterforce bookmarks” it would take about a thousand, that makes these a priori intentions practically unrealizable.

On the initiative of the US and Russian sabotage nuclear mines of both countries have already disposed of. Total United States and the Soviet Union respectively released more than 600 and 250 nuclear warhead small knapsack type for special forces. The last of them – Russian RA115 were disarmed in 1998. Are there any such infernal machines” in other countries is unknown. Prominent experts agree that the most likely is not. But there is little doubt that the same China, for example, the capacity of their creation and deployment , scientific and technical and industrial potential of China is quite sufficient for this purpose.

Some other experts suspect that own nuclear bombs laid down in advance dug tunnels may be North Korea. Services that adherents of the Juche Idea  skilled craftsmen on the part of an underground war.

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