Stem cells will be grown in space

22 Mar

space300 thousand dollars will be spent on research and confirmation of the possibility of growing on board the International Space Station of human stem cells.

Abba Zubair ┬áthe head of a new project, expressed pride in the fact that the first experiments with stem cells in space to trust him and researchers from his laboratory cell therapy that works at the Mayo Clinic. Thus, according to some experts, weightlessness contributes to their faster growth. However, to confirm or refute their hypothesis can only be in space, which is organized and experiment on the ISS. Currently, one of the main problems for the cultivation of stem cells is their slow world growth. For example, one earthly laboratory can grow over the last month the number of cells that you want to only two patients. Hence – and exceptional high cost of treatment. If the theory of the rapid growth of cells in weightlessness is confirmed, the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible to people.

Abba Zubair also expressed confidence that in the future for the treatment of patients earth will be used stem cells from space. And the very conditions of weightlessness fit even for the cultivation of human organs and tissues.

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