One of the largest underground cities found in Turkey

undergroundIn the region of Cappadocia, archaeologists have found perhaps the largest underground city in Turkeyin dangerous times in his tunnels could hide thousands of people.

Inside were equipped with air shafts, canals, churches and even wineries. According to preliminary estimates, the city can be a third more than Derinkuyu the largest of the excavated earlier in Cappadocia underground facilities. Residents of the ancient Cappadocia know where to hide from the invaders, in one of the 250 underground shelters cut from supple volcanic rock, writes National Geographic. There during the design space for residential development and has been found, probably one of the largest underground cities in the central area of Turkey.Cappadocia long been famous for its churches built in caves and underground shelters that locals carved thousands of years, but a new city can surpass all expectations geophysicists. His exact area still remains unknown.

But, according to the latest estimates, the area he can compete with the ancient city of Derinkuyu-bay  the largest up to that point object unearthed in Cappadocia, which could accommodate about 20 thousand. Man.

Originally discovery was made in 2013  the demolition of poor areas was detected inputs to the network of catacombs. As a result of the construction work had to stop that scientists were able to start the study. In 2014, in Cappadocia underground found many dwellings, as well as a variety of artifacts, including stone crosses, ceramics and even wineries.

As Derinkuyu, found the city is a self-contained complex with air and water channels. When hung danger Cappadocians retreated into the ground and blocked the entrance with a round stone door, hiding along with stocks and cattle up until the danger was past.

Estimated geophysicists from the University of Nevsehir, the area of the object can reach more than 4.5 million square feet. m. It follows that the tunnels can go deep into the earth at a distance of 100 meters, and thus the city can be a third more than Derinkuyu. At the moment it is difficult to say, but given the location, the level of protection and the availability of water is likely that the city covers a very large area, says archaeologist Murat Gulyaz.

According to the mayor of the nearest town, the find will be the pearl of Cappadocia. The authorities have already intend to build the world’s largest fleet of antiquity with hotels, art galleries, walking path and underground museums. We are looking forward to even plan to restore the underground church, said the mayor.

A Gulyaza team of archaeologists will continue to clear debris from the tunnels and explore the ancient sites, despite the fact that it is quite risky soft Tuff could collapse at any moment.When the work will be completed, it certainly will forever change the face of Cappadocia, he said.

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