Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space

16 Mar

 solarImagine the power in space. A world in which all electrical devices and appliances in the world are working from a stable cosmic radiation. It sounds like science fiction, but soon it could become a reality thanks to the efforts of Japanese scientists.

Mitsubishi has announced that she was able to transmit 10 kW of microwave energy at a distance of 500 meters in the air. Cosmic energy converted into electricity was used to power the LED lights on the Earth.Tough competition for traditional energy resources has forced many countries to look for alternative sources of energy. Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is not the first who managed to transmit electricity over a distance without the use of any wires. Shortly before that, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) reported successful wireless transmission of 1.8 kilowatts of electricity over a distance of 55 meters. But first MHI managed to convey a huge amount of electricity, which is enough to power a few powerful appliances.

By experiment, we have shown the possibility of commercialization of wireless power transmission, the report says Mitsubishi.The breakthrough marks a serious, albeit a small step towards generating clean and sustainable solar energy, regardless of weather conditions and time of day. Japanese engineering giant says it plans to realize its ambitious project by sending an array of solar satellites in orbit at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers above the Earth. Space power plant will convert the collected solar energy in the microwave, and then transfer them to the so-called rectenna, located in the world. Receiving stations, in turn, will convert microwave energy into electricity.

According to Deutsche Welle, Mitsubishi plans to commercialize the project space power by 2030.The technology has great potential, as it can be used not only in space but also on Earth. She decides on the delivery of electricity in remote areas and islands, cut off from the normal power supply.Electricity generated by cosmic power, can also be used to charge electric vehicles. According to analysts, the electric car industry is developing very slowly because of the lack of infrastructure charging stations. Space power can solve this problem.

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