In the mountains of Tien Shan was able to remove the Magic Rabbit

 RabbitIn China, in the mountain range of Tien Shan for the first time in 22 years managed to shoot a rabbit rare breed Ili Pika Ochotona iliensis, or as it is called Magic Rabbit.

The uniqueness of the animals is that they are almost extinct, and are more rare than the panda. According to the BBC, a rare rabbit snout teddy bear was discovered 66-year-old employee of conservationists retired Li Weidong. The animal is found only in China, and now its population is less than a thousand individuals. It Weidong in 1983, first saw Magic Rabbit, Open and calling him Ili Pika, at his place of habitation ¬†Prefecture of Ilia. I have a few hours to climb the mountain, and I literally gasped when I suddenly saw the shadow of the little creatures running. I sat on the ground, and suddenly out of the cracks between the stones were rabbit ears. He looked at me, blinked, and I thought then that it is the most beautiful and strange animal I’ve ever seen recalls his first meeting with an unknown animal observer.

Ili Pika, or “Ili Pika”, also known as Ochotona iliensis, lives in the mountains at an altitude of up to four thousand meters in extremely cold conditions, the plateau, eating grass. Over the past 30 years, their population has declined by 71%, and now they are rarer than pandas. Reason – Climate change and the emergence of a man gradually exciting Chinese territory pikas. Now they live very high on the mountain tops, almost alone.

Li Weidong and his colleagues refuse to organize any activities to save rare animal Magic Rabbit. The only right decision to leave the animals alone and let them live, says the researcher.

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