In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe

MoonJack Wilson of the University of Durham in the UK and his colleagues found that in the past eruptions on the moon have been widespread in nature.

Scientists studied the underground structure of the satellite and terrain near the volcanic complex Compton  Belkovicha located at the north pole on the mysterious invisible side of the moon. Earlier probe Lunar Prospector revealed signs in the area of active volcanism abnormally high concentrations of radioactive thorium. The research team decided to treat the distribution map of thorium with Lunar Prospector using algorithms for processing images of distant galaxies. This has improved the quality of the card, as well as information about the mysterious history of the volcano. Its eruption in ancient times covered an area of about 70,000 square kilometers (the size of a small European country), according to “RIA Novosti”. This scale spread of magma and ash associated with low gravity and the rarefied atmosphere of the moon. Wilson said that in ancient times on the moon was a lot of volcanoes mysterious the sea to the surface now arisen due to the fact that the depressions and craters were filled by magma rich in iron. But the eruption of magma that was not rich in metals were rare  it is such eruptions form volcanic cones. Complex Compton – Belkovicha may be unique after such eruptions.

In the future, the researchers plan to find out the extent of eruptions of Mount Olympus on Mars.

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