DNA skulls Paracas shocked scientists we are in the universe are not alone

26 Mar

DNAIn 1928, on the southern coast of Peru, in the desert of Paracas, an archaeologist Julio Tello made a startling discovery Mysterious.

The researchers found a huge burial ground with a complex structure, where lay the remains of the most unusual, ever seen scientists.The skull of the dead is not enough that were unusually large, so also had an unusual elongated shape. Paracas skull a challenge existing theories about human evolution In total Tello discovered more than three hundred skulls, whose age was estimated at about Mysterious three thousand years. For the analysis of their DNA, the researchers took recently, and the results were more than surprising. No wonder: it’s a real challenge to existing theories about human evolution.In some cultures practiced intentional cranial deformation. Thus, in some South American tribes infants head tied up with fabric or pinched it between two planks. As a result of prolonged exposure to the skull that really changes its shape, while on the volume, weight and other standard features are not affected. However, in the case of the skulls of Paracas picture turned out quite different.To begin with, the amount of skulls desert turned a quarter more than humans. Secondly, they are as much as 60 percent heavier.

This led scientists to believe that the skull took its shape is not due to a deliberate distortion. There are differences in the structure of the skull ,skulls Paracas – only one parietal surface, whereas in humans ,there are two.DNA analysis of elongated skulls found in Paracas To solve the mystery, the director of the Museum of History of Paracas Juan Navarro sent five samples for genetic analysis. The samples included hair, skin particles, teeth and bone fragments of the skull. Thus geneticists did not report anything about the origin of the skulls in order to avoid bias in the analysis. And the results were quite surprising.

During analysis of mitochondrial DNA was found, which is inherited from the mother, with unknown mutations that do not occur in a human or primate, or from any other animals. “This mutation makes it possible to assume that we are dealing with an entirely new humanoid creatures very far from Homo sapiens, Neanderthal or Denisovskoye man. Do not even sure that they find a place in the family tree of modern man, ┬ásays an employee of the genetic laboratory Brian Foster. Foster explains that creatures with such genetic differences from the skulls of people were very noticeable, so crossing the representatives of these two species is unlikely to be possible.

The consequences of this discovery Mysterious can hardly be overestimated. Who were the mysterious creatures buried in Paracas? As they looked at the beginning of its evolutionary path.Or maybe they came to Earth, already having to form a shape? The results of the analysis have left more questions than answers, but now it looks like there is no doubt: we are in the universe are not alone.

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