Colonization of Mars postponed

21 Mar

ColonizationFirst, people do not go to the Red Planet on the previously planned date start a private project to colonize Mars Mars One postponed for two years. This was officially declared the founder of the space project, a Dutch businessman Bas Lansdorp, yesterday (March 19).

The delay is due to the financial side. Due to lack of funds delayed the start of the demonstration mission. As part of her project organizers planet to launch to Mars lander and orbiter to test life support systems in the Martian environment. The mission was planned for 2018, and now will be delayed for two years, and all subsequent shifting.The activities of non-profit organization «Mars One», based in the Netherlands, involve the colonization of the Red Planet‘s people.In 2013, we managed to attract an impressive investment. The sum covers all the costs of the project, which we carried up to the last days.

Now attracting investors and paperwork consuming more time, what we expected. Since the first unmanned mission to be postponed for two years, all the rest of the mission also will move the same amount of time. Thus, the first colony of humans to land on Mars in 2027, said in a statement Lansdorp.In all likelihood, this statement was made in response to an article criticizing the project and its organizers. The article was published earlier this week.Astrophysicist Joseph Roche, who became one of the 100 finalists Mars One, accused the organizers of the project of negligence in the selection of participants.

According to him, one of the main criteria that guided the organizers of the selection of candidates, is how many tools in the past funded project. Further, the author argues that the project «Mars One» received only 2,761 applications from candidates in the colonizers of the Red Planet, instead of 202,000, the stated organization.

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