The Blue Peacock the British planned to blow Germany

Blue PeacockBlue Peacock the name of the top-secret project, which the British military developed in the 1950s. The project in Germany should have been installed underground nuclear mines.

If the USSR began to advance on Europe  mine would be activated or remotely via an 8-day time.It was assumed that the explosion of nuclear mines not only destroy the buildings and structures over a large area, but also to prevent its occupation due to radioactive contamination. As nuclear toppings such mines use English atomic bombs Blue Danube Blue Danube. Each minute was huge in size and weighing more than 7 tons. Mines had to be in the German soil without protection so their body is made almost indehiscent. Continue reading “The Blue Peacock the British planned to blow Germany”

One of the largest underground cities found in Turkey

undergroundIn the region of Cappadocia, archaeologists have found perhaps the largest underground city in Turkeyin dangerous times in his tunnels could hide thousands of people.

Inside were equipped with air shafts, canals, churches and even wineries. According to preliminary estimates, the city can be a third more than Derinkuyu the largest of the excavated earlier in Cappadocia underground facilities. Residents of the ancient Cappadocia know where to hide from the invaders, in one of the 250 underground shelters cut from supple volcanic rock, writes National Geographic. There during the design space for residential development and has been found, probably one of the largest underground cities in the central area of Turkey. Continue reading “One of the largest underground cities found in Turkey”

In the mountains of Tien Shan was able to remove the Magic Rabbit

 RabbitIn China, in the mountain range of Tien Shan for the first time in 22 years managed to shoot a rabbit rare breed Ili Pika Ochotona iliensis, or as it is called Magic Rabbit.

The uniqueness of the animals is that they are almost extinct, and are more rare than the panda. According to the BBC, a rare rabbit snout teddy bear was discovered 66-year-old employee of conservationists retired Li Weidong. The animal is found only in China, and now its population is less than a thousand individuals. Continue reading “In the mountains of Tien Shan was able to remove the Magic Rabbit”

The creators of the Mayan civilization announced wandering lovers ceremonies

loversSeibal, one of the oldest cities of the Maya began to build not farmers and townspeople, and nomadic hunters Mysterious and gatherers, are combined with religious holidays.

This conclusion was American archaeologists, the authors in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Earlier historians were convinced that all the ancient Mysterious Mayan city arose on the basis of farming communities and major religious buildings were built to last. Takeshi Inomata study Takeshi Inomata from the University of Arizona in Tucson has denied this theory Scientists have found Mysteriousthat in the first settlements were built temples and sites for ceremonies, and did so nomadic hunters. Continue reading “The creators of the Mayan civilization announced wandering lovers ceremonies”

DNA skulls Paracas shocked scientists we are in the universe are not alone

DNAIn 1928, on the southern coast of Peru, in the desert of Paracas, an archaeologist Julio Tello made a startling discovery Mysterious.

The researchers found a huge burial ground with a complex structure, where lay the remains of the most unusual, ever seen scientists.The skull of the dead is not enough that were unusually large, so also had an unusual elongated shape. Paracas skull a challenge existing theories about human evolution In total Tello discovered more than three hundred skulls, whose age was estimated at about Mysterious three thousand years. For the analysis of their DNA, the researchers took recently, and the results were more than surprising. Continue reading “DNA skulls Paracas shocked scientists we are in the universe are not alone”

In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe

MoonJack Wilson of the University of Durham in the UK and his colleagues found that in the past eruptions on the moon have been widespread in nature.

Scientists studied the underground structure of the satellite and terrain near the volcanic complex Compton  Belkovicha located at the north pole on the mysterious invisible side of the moon. Earlier probe Lunar Prospector revealed signs in the area of active volcanism abnormally high concentrations of radioactive thorium. The research team decided to treat the distribution map of thorium with Lunar Prospector using algorithms for processing images of distant galaxies. This has improved the quality of the card, as well as information about the mysterious history of the volcano. Its eruption in ancient times covered an area of about 70,000 square kilometers (the size of a small European country), according to “RIA Novosti”. This scale spread of magma and ash associated with low gravity and the rarefied atmosphere of the moon. Continue reading “In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe”

Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania

Bermuda TriangleForest Hoya Baciu, located near the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, rightly bears the title of one of the most mysterious places in Europe. It is called the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.” This analogy suggests itself, it disappears people frequent meetings with UFO.

The inhabitants of the surrounding villages prefer not to go to the Hoya Baciu, so as not to incur the wrath of the powerful forces that, in their opinion, live in the forest.Forest before my eyes The main tourist attraction is considered Transylvania Bran Castle, built in the XIV century. They were at one time owned the legendary Vlad the Impaler, better known to us as Count Dracula. Continue reading “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”

What will be the scarcest resource in 15 years

 resourceGlobal demand for drinking water will exceed its reserves by 40% in 2030 as global population growth and changes in consumption patterns.

Increasing urbanization, growing demand for food and therefore water for irrigation, as well as economic growth  all this will lead to increased demand for water. In a new report, which was published in the Program on World Water Assessment UN stresses need for affordable and reasonable use of water and its treatment for all people in the world. Groundwater is currently supplying drinking water to about 50% of the world’s population and account for about 43% of water used for irrigation. Continue reading “What will be the scarcest resource in 15 years”

The underwater city of the dead

underwaterMany wealthy people think through in advance the script of his funeral and leave farewell executors. Not everyone wants to have their remains were buried in the crypt, the ground or the wall of the columbarium.

 Some require that their ashes scattered in the wind, while others require that the ashes were sent into space no problems, would be the money. And those who can not imagine their life without the sea, and after the death of choosing Memorial Neptune  the world’s only underwater graveyard.Concrete Atlantis Diver Gary Levin, chosen plot bottom five kilometers from Key Biscayne, Miami suburb, was not going to build here columbarium. The idea was quite different. Florida coast – a paradise for scuba diving, and Levin would attract tourists, giving them the opportunity to admire the “ruins of Atlantis.” No, of course not present. Continue reading “The underwater city of the dead”

Water scarcity threatens Moscow region water shortages

WaterIn the metropolitan area of low river flow noted, however, shortages of water is not expected, said Roshydromet.

Even with the lack of water Mysterious, which we observe a lack of drinking water in Moscow and the Moscow region will not say the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov. Moscow and Moscow region have primary and alternate water resource Mysterious water reservoir, which provide the region with water.However, for truckers, especially in the south and southeast of Moscow region water deficit in soil and small rivers will be felt, of course, said FrolovThe causes of low river flow became the small amount of precipitation, as well as warm and snowless winter. Such a lack of water also Mysterious affected the river of Lake Baikal. Continue reading “Water scarcity threatens Moscow region water shortages”