The oldest alcoholic beverages gave a second life

03 Feb

A scientist from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania has recreated the recipe a few drinks, which our ancestors ate in the past in different parts of the world.

To this end, Dr. Patrick McGovern had studied carefully the ancient texts, but most importantly – studied sediment preserved on the walls of the vessels that were found in various graves. According to the Daily Mail, using mass spectrometry, chromatography analysis and other scientific methods learned not only was able to determine the composition of raw ingredients, but also to understand about the procedure and the nature of their use.

Thus, the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world made in China about 9 thousand. Years ago with the help of rice mash, barley, honey and hawthorn berries. According to the researcher, resulting in a specific sweet-sour drink that is well suited to the food, typical for South-East Asia.

To the table of the mythical King Midas, according to the finding in the royal tomb in Turkey, in VII. BC served a drink made from the Muscat grapes, honey and saffron. And in Honduras, 3 thousand. Years ago an alcoholic beverage brewed from local varieties of cocoa, honey, annatto and chili peppers. Also, the scientist has restored the recipe that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Etruscans and ancient Scandinavians.

According to the researcher, the receipt of all beverages based exclusively on local products. In addition, it should be borne in mind that we are talking about premium drinks that were available, first of all, the aristocracy and were widely used in ritual practice. That’s why they got into the tombs of kings and noblemen.

It is noteworthy that the research of Dr. McGovern did not remain the property of only the academic environment. To restore ancient recipes drink today successfully made in Delaware.

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