Researchers have formed chocolate to fight wrinkles

mysteriousResearchers at Cambridge University have created a company for the manufacture of chocolate, which is designed to slow down the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin – by increasing the concentration of antioxidants in the body and the escalation of circulation. About the new creation reports The Telegraph.

Lycotec company claims that chocolate bar Esthechoc weighing seven and a half grams contains as much antioxidant astaxanthin as a salmon fillet, and not less cocoa polyphenols than a hundred grams of dark chocolate. Later than daily intake slows the aging of chocolate for a month volunteers increased blood flow to the skin.

We used the same antioxidants that preserve the gold color in aquarium fish and pink flamingos have. Upon completion of clinical trials, biomarkers skin of volunteers showed a level of twenty-thirty. So we improved the physiology of the skin – said the founder Lycotec Ivan Peter, who formerly worked at Cambridge.

Esthechoc unlikely to go on common availability. Product price is also not advertised (before the official arrangement at the conference chocolate Global Food Innovation Summit, which will take place in London in March).

Lots of scientists reacted to the scheme are extremely skeptical. To check the ambitious statements Lycotec needed more serious clinical trials, said Professor Naveed Sattar from the University of Glasgow. Some components of chocolate may help to separate the processes associated with aging. However, eating chocolate brings a lot of calories, and with them, and obesity. So that the total effect is not obvious – emphasizes Sattar. Furthermore, according to some astaxanthin works greatest when applied to the face than when used with food.

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