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Haiku -lestnitsa in heaven

mysteriousThe well-known trail Haiku, Hawaii is also known as the stairway to heaven. This is the most attractive and spectacular hiking trail is located on the island of Oahu. If you look below, you can see how the ladder step by step disappears into the clouds, which gives it a mysterious and enigmatic. Part of the route runs through a thick fog, which creates an indescribable feeling of walking in the sky.

Begin of the trail is attached to the cliff on the southern side of the valley wooden staircase. It consists of 3922 levels, rising to a height of 850m to the top of the ridge Koolau, and then descend into the valley Vahiava. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Werewolf of Allariz

WerewolfManuel Blanco Romasanta. This name still causes fear in Ourense. One case that drew much attention in the nineteenth century and was tried and convicted of lycanthropy, being lobo.Al man apparently his misdeeds were to assault their victims with a disproportionate violence.

Once dead, pulled them fat, daub, with trading and sold to buyers. This activity of dealing in human fat earned him the nickname or daub do and, above all, sacamanteigas. The figure of sacamantecas, known throughout Galicia, has its origin in this real character and was used as scare-children since the nineteenth century. Read the rest of this entry »

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Franco and Freemasonry

Franco Everyone knows antipathy, if not hatred, I felt Franco by Freemasonry. Franco Masonry considered one of the seven enemies of Spain to eradicate. All this he did in the alleged defense of the nation and its roots in the most orthodox Catholicism values. However, it is known that Franco had a hidden facet was shown in all esoteric symbols introduced along its long mandato.

Cabe argue that not everything in Franco was Catholic righteousness. Some of his decisions show beliefs that go beyond the traditional Christian faith and deepen further. But among all these beliefs, it is known that Franco wanted to sign on at least two occasions in Masonic orders. Read the rest of this entry »

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The mysterious of the Trojan War

Trojan WarOne of the biggest mysteries that has faced Western culture is whether the facts narrated in the epic poem The Iliad, written by Homer, have some historical substrate or are pure fantasy.

Speculation exposed by analyzing the theories proposed topic for everyone, from those who believe it is obviously a heroic epic about a historical fact to those who say it could even be the city of Troy.

The story is well known. The games of the gods with human cause Helena, wife of King Agamemnon, Prince fall in love Paris, leading her to his kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

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Worship and sacrifices to Celtic religions

Worship and sacrificesThe Celts had a huge concern and respect for the vegetation. Considered forests full of life. The tree worship was widespread. The sacred trees were oak, yew, hawthorn, blackthorn, elder, hazel and others. But the oak was the most important and was attached to the Druids. It was a blessed tree and when burned, had the power to cure diseases. The oak was devoted to Dagda, as creator deity, male, while the female principle would be held by the mistletoe.

The oak was the tree of life of the Celts. He was depicted as a tree whose roots and branches were woven together, symbolizing eternal life and rebirth. The yew tree was sacred and one of the twelve trees of the Celtic calendar. The yew tree was related to death Worship the King. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why are women more beautiful than men?


Women – fair sex, and men do not. Although the logic of progression must be the opposite. In other species the beauty of diverse males. How can solve this puzzle?

Among all the features that so various in our species, very strange and astonishing beauty of women can be called. In other species of living beings, if one sex aesthetically diverse, it usually turns out to be male rather than female.

Besides the reasons why there are such differences in the case of man also of large importance, so that the male beauty should be particularly noticeable. Researchers have proved that in the evolution of women are becoming more beautiful and men and remain at their cave ancestors. Read the rest of this entry »

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24 dazzling waterfalls from around the world

mysteriousNature amazes us a wonderful spectacle, including the dazzling waterfalls. In order to see these powerful streams of water surrounded by impressive scenery, it is worth a trip even the most remote corners of the world. Consider the 24 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

1.Waterfall Khon, Laos

Khon waterfall situated on the Mekong River between Laos and Cambodia, every second is overthrown more than nine billion liters of water. Its height is about 21 meters.

2.Jog Falls, India Read the rest of this entry »

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How to survive winter in Antarctica

mysteriousThe previous flight from the South Pole was on Friday 13th of February – the last chance to fly until mid-November. Remaining there for forty-something man nine months will be deprived of any occasion to leave Antarctica. They even cannot move away from the base farther than 2-3 km, so that all objects are in one place. Anyway, what sights you can see in whole darkness, which lasts four months, and at dusk, ongoing for another two months?

Amundsen-Scott Station at the North Pole in Antarctica – the southernmost of the three research stations in the United States this earthly basement. It is located at a distance of about one hundred meters from the pole. In the summer there lives about 150 people, and in the winter – 50.

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People who are following death of a ghost

mysteriousPeople walk a giant variety of ghost stories and there are times when people are really existed after his death, or visit the places that had for them during the life of exacting importance.

#William Skit

It was in 1864. The end of the American Civil War. In the city of Newton was killed Minister Bill skit. Political opponents led him to the river and hung without trial.They said that before his secret executions skit prayed to God that he has forgiven his murderers. When the killer knocked out from under the feet support the Minister, it appears that the rope was tied to a sturdy branch is not sufficient, she bent, and Bill toes touching the ground. Then the killer dug a hole under the feet skit, and he gasped. Read the rest of this entry »

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Samples of earth began to take water from space

mysterious#Novel techniques for monitoring of ocean acidification by satellites are revolutionizing the way the study of the oceans. Work submitted for publication in the scientific journal Environmental Science and Technology, describes the remote monitoring of the vast and unreachable areas of the ocean from a height of about 700 kilometers above the Earth.

#Each year, more than a quarter of global carbon dioxides emissions from vestige fuel combustion and cement production fall in the world’s oceans. Sea water is oxidized. Climate change has a negative crash on marine life.Scientists estimate that the increase in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and seawater acidification over the next century could destroy some marine ecosystems, Read the rest of this entry »

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