How is the travel permit to Poland?

NewsEvery year the amount of Ukrainian citizens who want to visit Poland is gradually increasing. At the same time, they have a quite a lot of issues related to with how the travel permit to Poland.

To date, get a visa to the Republic of Poland in two ways: using the services of firms for whom the issue of visas to foreign countries is one of the activities, and its own, which will allow to save a considerable branch of the funds.

The very method of obtaining a visa to Poland takes 7 to 10 days, although the variant design if essential and urgent visas to be made within three calendar days. The only trouble is that for urgency should pay extra.

Separate visa to Poland consists of numerous steps, which include:

# Defining the purpose of the visit to the Republic of Poland, as it affects the type of visas;

# Approval of the list of needed documents;

# Compulsory registration of documents,

# Record and set up for a job interview;

# Obligatory visit to the Polish Consulate, allowing unhindered get a Polish visa.

At the instant, share the short-term and long-term Polish visas, each of which has its own definite characteristics. Thus, short-term visa limits tenure rights on the territory of Poland 90 days within six months from the date of entry into the country. The long-term Polish visa allows you to stay in this country during the calendar year. Term and short-term, long-term Polish visa is the same, and is 5 years.

For short-term visas to Poland generally carry tourist visa is issued particularly for the visit relatives or friends, as well as excursions. Noticeable examples of long-term visas are service and work visas, as they are issued to people traveling to Poland to work or study for a long time. Price Polish visa, for the most part, depends on the purpose of travel and length of stay in the country.

Visa to Poland for citizens of Ukraine is not only the chance to get a high-paying job or see the sights of the country, but also to go to any of the countries of the European Union, as for almost 10 years, Poland is a member state of the Schengen agreement. Particularly, the Ukrainians in the Polish consulates and embassies are not bad, so organize it so much easier here than in the embassies of other European countries.

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