Race To The Moon

MoonThe two teams participating in the contest rovers Google Lunar X Prize declared their purpose to join forces and send their devices to the moon by the end of 2016. Immediately after landing three moonwalker (American and two Japanese) will begin the race at 500 meters, translating their movements to Earth in HD-video. On the plan according to a company press release Astrobotic.

In December 2014 Astrobotic announced that he was going to throw your unit on board the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX. Flight of a rocket from Cape Canaveral at the end of 2016. In February 2015, the Japanese firm has granted with HAKUTO Astrobotic about to take on board and its rovers – Moonraker and Tetris.

Landing is planned for Lake of Death, in the area of the lunar caves, which in the future can be used as a source for living quarters. Astrobiotic, engaged in space transportation, is ready to carry on the Moon and other vehicles concerned in the competition (if they agree to cover part of the costs). Although the race director Astrobiotic called NASCAR on the Moon, the average speed of vehicles does not surpass 800 meters per hour.

Google Lunar X PRIZE – Prize, which established the X Prize organization and by Google. The prize will be awarded to the team that will make a lunar rover that meet specified conditions. The prize fund is $ 30 million. Conditions of contest include three main tasks: a soft landing on the lunar surface, walking on it and transfer to Earth images and video in high meaning. Now the Japanese claim the prize fund (Hakuto), Indian (Team Indus), German (Part-Time Scientists) and two American teams (Astrobotic and Moon Express).

Application for the Lunar X Prize submitted to the Russian group Selenokhod. In December 2013, however, she withdrew from the contest due to lack of funds. To build Selenokhod needed a million dollars.

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