Modern cities are developed in same way as the ancient

Modern cities There are some notable differences between the modern cities and ancient villages. For example, use an array of new technologies that are changing the way we plan and organize our cities. We also have different cultures, and our economic priorities have changed considerably in comparison with what was typical of agricultural societies in ancient times.

However, a recent study conducted by experts University of Colorado at Boulder University of Colorado , Boulder, suggests that cities of different eras are not so different from each other, as one would assume. These researchers found that the modern city developed in the same way as ancient settlements, and this discovery could change the way we plan our future city. Continue reading “Modern cities are developed in same way as the ancient”

Why the moon is always dissimilar?

mysteriousThe moon – this is the first point in the sky, attracting the notice of the person. Everyone knows about the phases of the moon, changing within a month – but what exactly causes these changes?

The moon itself shines by reflecting sunlight. With respect to our planet, with the omission of the Sun, of all celestial objects Moon has the largest angular size – the full moon 30 times and more than 1300 times brighter than Venus.

Interestingly, the phases of the moon can be seen right at home – Spend a little experiment. All you need – a tennis ball that has a rough texture.

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Enigma Kaspar Hauser

Kaspar HauserGaspar Hauser was born around 1812 somewhere in Bavaria. He appeared on Whit Monday of May 26, 1828 at the New Gate Nuremberg. Because of its history was known as the boy came from nowhere.

When appeared, apparently, had two letters in which he explained his possible origin. He also mentioned the possible birth date as April 30, 1812 .The first was addressed to Captain of the 4th Cavalry Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment Light, Friedrich von Wessenig. The second letter appeared to be his mother, and incorporating data related to child with a soldier of the regiment and, according to the letter, was his father. Continue reading “Enigma Kaspar Hauser”

Race To The Moon

MoonThe two teams participating in the contest rovers Google Lunar X Prize declared their purpose to join forces and send their devices to the moon by the end of 2016. Immediately after landing three moonwalker (American and two Japanese) will begin the race at 500 meters, translating their movements to Earth in HD-video. On the plan according to a company press release Astrobotic.

In December 2014 Astrobotic announced that he was going to throw your unit on board the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX. Flight of a rocket from Cape Canaveral at the end of 2016. In February 2015, the Japanese firm has granted with HAKUTO Astrobotic about to take on board and its rovers – Moonraker and Tetris. Continue reading “Race To The Moon”

How is the travel permit to Poland?

NewsEvery year the amount of Ukrainian citizens who want to visit Poland is gradually increasing. At the same time, they have a quite a lot of issues related to with how the travel permit to Poland.

To date, get a visa to the Republic of Poland in two ways: using the services of firms for whom the issue of visas to foreign countries is one of the activities, and its own, which will allow to save a considerable branch of the funds. Continue reading “How is the travel permit to Poland?”

The Shroud of Turin Mystery

Shroud of TurinShroud of Turin is a linen cloth of rectangular linen, 436 cm. and 110 cm long. wide, and herringbone fabric that covered the body of a man who was tortured, crucified and suffered a puncture in the chest.

Since 1578 the canvas has been kept in the Cathedral of Turin. Chanbery was in France before, since in 1453 it was ceded to the Savoy. Were the Savoy, who led the Turin Shroud when they moved their capital to the Italian city. In 1983, Umberto II of Savoy bequeathed the Shroud to the Pope, becoming part of the patrimony of the Holy See. Continue reading “The Shroud of Turin Mystery”

Marine mammals have enlarged 150 times

mysteriousA team of scientists from Stanford University (USA) found that the average size of marine mammals has enlarged 150 times over the past 55 million years. Survey of American scientists proves the rule Cope, according to which the animals ultimately increase in size. Paleontologist Edward Cope came to this conclusion at the end of 1800, noting a tendency to enlarge the size of land animals, such as horses.

Amusingly, the trend of increasing size are subject not all animals. So dinosaurs grew, and birds and insects – no. The process of increasing perhaps was the effect of random evolution that occurred not through natural selection – a process known as neutral drift. Continue reading “Marine mammals have enlarged 150 times”

How much sand from Sahara reaches Amazon Scientists discovered?

mysteriousClimate satellites helped environmentalists first charge the amount of dirt particles from the Sahara desert, which fly crossways the Atlantic and into the soil of the Amazon forest, enriching them with micronutrients, according to a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Today, climatologists and environmentalists trust that the main lungs of the planet, the Amazon rainforests are not totally self-sufficient. For their normal operation needs a stable supply of phosphorus, potassium and many other nutrients, Continue reading “How much sand from Sahara reaches Amazon Scientists discovered?”

Cities are changing track of evolution

mysteriousCities in a certain way influenced the ecosystem and even changed the track of evolution. Scientists have found that evolutionary changes began to occur quicker than previously thought. The ecosystem is changing before our eyes. Spiders in the cities become larger and salmon in the rivers – less. This fish is capable to live in both salt and fresh waters.

Urban birds bolder. A new study by Marina Alberti, University of Washington shows that the pressure of human civilization on the ecosystem can have important consequences for the environment and eventually the man himself. Continue reading “Cities are changing track of evolution”

Researchers have formed chocolate to fight wrinkles

mysteriousResearchers at Cambridge University have created a company for the manufacture of chocolate, which is designed to slow down the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin Рby increasing the concentration of antioxidants in the body and the escalation of circulation. About the new creation reports The Telegraph.

Lycotec company claims that chocolate bar Esthechoc weighing seven and a half grams contains as much antioxidant astaxanthin as a salmon fillet, and not less cocoa polyphenols than a hundred grams of dark chocolate. Later than daily intake slows the aging of chocolate for a month volunteers increased blood flow to the skin. Continue reading “Researchers have formed chocolate to fight wrinkles”