Why the cat lies in a sick man’s place?

Cat liesThe most common household healers are considered to be a cat. If the landlord fails to establish a relationship of trust with them, the cats are able to find and treat the sore spots of the owner. They go to this place, purr, warm it with its warmth – and the pain recedes. In a serious situation cat can for several hours not to depart from the patient. According to statistics, cat lovers are turning to doctors almost 5 times less likely than those who do not.

1. In cardiovascular diseases

There are many stories about how cats rescued people from heart attack and hypertensive crisis. The cat may even warn of a possible attack. Cat owners know that their pets sometimes begin fins, when their master is irritated or tense.

The cat in the house reduces the risk of recurrent myocardial infarction. In humans, who have recently had an attack, normalizes blood pressure and pulse after it for a few minutes pat pet cat.

2. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Stroking cats good for digestion. Short-haired or hairless cat (Sphynx, Siamese, Oriental, Abyssinian, Tonkin, Korat, Egyptian Mau) is usually better than other breeds treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system.

3. When stress and fatigue

Cats are able to relieve fatigue, stress, migraine, lower blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat. Excellent therapists and neurologists are considered long-haired cats – Siberian, Angora, Persian, Burmese, Norwegian Forest Cats that help people who suffer from insomnia, irritability, depression.

Black cats taken twice a human negative energy than other colors cats. Red cats themselves give positive energy. Cats cream color tone up our energy, well, gray-blue – calm. The White Cat – unsurpassed in terms of doctors.

4. To enhance immunity

If you listen to the daily cat purring, running on a frequency of 4 – 16 Hz, this is a positive effect on immunity. Scientists suggest that purring is similar to ultrasound treatment that speeds healing, growth and strengthening of bones. Persian cats are able to relieve joint pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis.

5. To increase the life expectancy

Scientists of the Institute of Gerontology, studied the effect of cats on the lifetime of their respective owners and came to the conclusion that people who all their lives were held in the house cat live on average 10.3 years longer than those who did not have cats. In cat owner indicators blood pressure and better cholesterol levels were lower.

6. Cat and acupuncturists

Cats are able to act as a acupuncturist when they get on the host and Murch, produce claws that irritate the reflex zones, as in the present session of acupuncture. This method of treatment has long been used in folk medicine.

7. Cats as energetic device

Bioenergy believe that the cat – it’s a real energy-meter. According to them, if the cat is often resting on the head of his master, he is likely to hypertension or a tendency to headaches. If a favorite lies on the left shoulder or arm, this indicates a problem with the heart. The cat lies on the back, if the feel of kidney problems, his feet – if the owner suffers a reduced pressure or frequent colds.

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